NaNoWriMo #3

Current Wordcount: 3585

It’s my last night in Hampshire before I go back to university tomorrow, catching the train at 11:47. I ought to be able toget so much writing done on the train, which is pretty cool!

I also got to go into town, and have bought some pots and pans! Alright, they are two really tiny ones, but they will do whilst I haven’t got all that much in the way of money. I also have baking trays, knives and utensils, so I can actually cook stuff! I also got some foodstuffs to take back, so my suitcase feels rather full up now! I’m glad I’ll have Josh to drop me off to the station! I also got my hair cut (not that it has changed all that much, I just had the ends off and my hair thinned, as I want to grow it right out), so now I’m feeling a lot tidier.

The novel itself is going surprisingly well. The only reason I’m underwriting at the moment is time, not because I’m uninspired. I’ll probably spend a lot more time on it this upcoming week, as I don’t have as many lectures to go to, which will be good. Arthur has spied a young woman who came into his lecture late, and has sat next to him, before leaving afterwards as quickly as she arrived. Who is she? And will Arthur have the nerve to find out more about her?



3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo #3

  1. I feel like shaking some inspiration into you – have you tried mantras, yoga, more protein in your diet, juice, exercise, sleep… not jogging, it gives you brain damage… Tea, you need decent tea. Not that American rubbish, a proper blended English tea. Then you’ll be fine!

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