NaNoWriMo #4

Current Word Count – 5027

To be honest, I must of done so much of today’s word count on the train home! I am actually pretty damn pleased that I managed to get a whole chapter done today, where Arthur reveals his crush to the people he knows, whilst out for sushi. I reckon in Chapter Four that he’ll see her again, but I’m not sure how I’m going to write their first conversation without it sounding too much like YA/chic lit. This novel is a coming of age story, so not a typical boy meets girl. I think that this woman is going to change Arthur’s life completely, but I’m not sure if that change will be better or worse.

My flatmates and I all enjoy going out on a Monday night to a restaurant called Yo Sushi. It’s a sushi restaurant, if that wasn’t completely obvious, and they have discount nights on a Monday known as the Blue Mondays. We love it because everything is discounted down to £2.50, so you can eat quite a bit, and only spend £10. As I haven’t any money to go, I decided to write this chapter in the sushi restaurant, so I can be with my flatmates in spirit. I think a few scenes in the novel will take place here, if I’m honest. I’ll probably flesh out the chapter more when I go back in December though, so that will help the story along a lot more.

I was also thinking about the title I have chosen for this year’s novel. ‘No Day But Today’ is a lyric from the musical ‘Rent’ when the characters think about the mortality of people, because quite a few of them are HIV positive for various reasons. I’ve chosen it because it’s my female main character’s view on life, especially later on in the story. I believe it’s a powerful message to young people who are forced by society to think about the future, when really looking at today is a great way to make sure that tomorrow is better. 


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