NaNoWriMo #2

Current Wordcount: 2740

So, it’s the second day of NaNoWriMo! Whoop! And even though I’m back in Hampshire, I’ve managed to nearly hit the daily word count! I’m half way through Chapter Two of the novel, which is rather awesome!

I remember mentioning whilst work shopping Chapter One that I might write a prologue, despite being warned by a snotty lady in a writers group I attended once that ‘prologues are old fashioned and terrible! If you have one then no agent or publisher in their right mind will take you on!’ I did note that she hasn’t published anything (internally of course, it would of been rather rude to do it to her face!). I wrote my first novel with a prologue, and it did work out well for me. So after I’ve written Chapter Two, I plan to backtrack and write a prologue as well as start Chapter Three in synch with each other. Hey, anything to keep that word count high!

When I haven’t been writing, I’ve been helping to bake bonfire cake, made a Christmas cake to take back to uni with me, followed by getting my nails done with shellac (very pretty, and enduring) before visiting my grandparents and aunt in law, procured some onion chutney to take back to uni, and going to see a film with Josh at the cinema.

Tomorrow I have an article to write for the university magazine, about the industrial action taken by lecturers last Thursday, I need to have started on Holes and written more of my novel, as well as going to town to buy pots and pans (and generally trawl the charity shops, as they are so much cheaper in Fareham than in Bath!)

In the meanwhile, it’s back to the novel!


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