Here it is!

I’ve finally done it! Fred has been given his own blog! I’ve had the domain just lying there dead for a long time, when I attempted to be the Teenage Jane Austen (cringy, I know!). So I’ve tinkered with it for the majority of this evening…

And Voila!

There will be biweekly posts from Fred as he talks about various things from his own life,as his studies and his general goings on (he’s thrilled to be back home for Christmas!) as well as issues he wouldn’t mind voicing an opinion on (I hear that he does want to talk about why growing up can only be a problem!). It’s a project I’ve trialled here on Scribbles of a Geek, and they have proven to be very popular with you lot! 

Therefore, as a Christmas present to you all, I give you this brand new, shiny blog! Go follow it, support it and simply enjoy it!

Merry Christmas (eight days to go!)

World According to Fred – Living the High Life?

So, this week has been an interesting one. This is due to the fact that I’ve spent a lot of it on my own,as HJ has been spending her nights out and about, be it going out for sushi, the pub or helping to run a Poker Night in her kitchen whilst all dressed up in a pretty red dress and matching red lipstick, applied ever so carefully with a brush to achieve a rather seductive cupid’s bow effect. She told me there was this third year student who flirted with her until she coyly showed off her engagement ring, I said she shouldn’t really be flirting, or wearing sexy lipstick, but she sighed, and said that she wouldn’t ever cheat on Josh, she just likes to dress up to feel pretty and womanly. That’s a post for another time, but, meh. 

But I’ve spent my week by myself, enjoying some ‘me time’ whilst HJ has been busy…


I took a bath, which was very relaxing indeed, if I say so myself! That Snow Fairy shower gel HJ likes is actually not all that bad!


After all that soaking, I then wrapped myself up in some towels I found lying around. It was all very toasty, actually!


I got into my pajamas and decided that seeming as HJ had left her laptop logged in, that I would watch a film. No Day But Today!



It was soon time to wind down, so I grabbed one of the many books littered around HJ’s room, and started reading. Sophie’s Choice is the kind of novel I think HJ would like to write herself, when she’s not trying to convince people that perhaps I would suit a YA audience, or being convinced that she will never be as much of a genius as the lecturers she sees in her plenerary lectures (David Almond, who wrote Skellig, came in today, she said it was a wonderful talk, and she was sad that he didn’t have any copies of Skellig with him to buy). It made me cry at the end, which wore me out even more. 



When HJ got back from her Poker Night antics, she took this photo of me, as she thought I looked rather adorable. She only woke me when she crawled into bed and flicked off the bedside light. 

So, I’m living the high life! I must be really cool! In the meanwhile, I shall apply for a degree course, and I shall hopefully spend my time more productivly in the near future

NaNoWriMo Update!

You can see all the red on my blog’s NaNo calendar chart thingy…

This is due to the fact that I recently had to get my laptop to the university’s student services, so it can be sent off to be repaired (the wireless card in the harddrive is broken, meaning that it won’t connect to the internet for longer than an hour at the most), not to mention that I had a deadline for an English essay.

It’s safe to say that once again, I have been defeated by NaNoWriMo. Once again, the novel was losing its drive, and was going in a direction that was clished and just goddamn awful. I shall therefore say a sad farewell to the WIP that was No Day But Today (I think a novel where the writer can’t really explain the synopisis in a simple, coherent way should just be stopped.) and start focusing on some other projects (eg. university works!).

I’ll be attempting to work on some more World According to Fred pieces, and try and get friends with toys to join in for photo opportunities and stuff like that. In the meanwhile, I think there may be one tonight, as there’s a party on and I think it would be cool to write about it all from Fred’s perspective. Also, I do want to set up a new blog exclusive to World According to Fred, with a seperate WordPress account and stuff like that. Such larks to be had, especially as one of my lecturers is skeptical that the blog will ever take off, as it is a teddy bear narrator aimed at a YA audience. Yay for experimental writing!

So, to conclude, NaNo has defeated me well and truly, as I write this post in front of a university library computer.


Been Busy!

Today has been another busy one!

First, I had another quick tidy up, and found two of the books I bought at Kelmarsh, and tidied up my bedside table. Then I grabbed my stuff, I had some shoes to exchange, and that bag of clothes to donate to charity.

I spotted a Sue Ryder van on my way to the councillor’s office, and ditched the bag in the open door, and scampered off like a mother dumping a child outside the founding hospital (back in those goddamn awful days). Had a rather emotional session going over my relationship with my mother, before heading into town to run some errands. Picked up a portable DVD player (a sort out of my DVD collection is in order at some point), two skirts, some hair stripper, and a couple of books.

Then my carer texted me to inform me of an opportunity involving a bookcase costing £14.99 at a local charity shop. I therefore decided to take a look, as I was under the impression of it being waist high and unable to store much in the way of books (fitting my book mountain only), not to mention potentially being battered and in not so good condition. I went in, and saw it right away.

What a beautiful sight beheld my eyes!

It is taller than I am, with about six shelves, that are very deep indeed, and actually has two drawers in the bottom that are also rather deep. I bought it right away, as it is also in excellent condition, practically brand new! It will be delivered to me on 15th August, and a post with photos will be published, almost like the birth of that baby was announced! All very exciting indeed.

The day ended with a trip to the pub, and an email from Radio Haslar about an interview to become one of the volunteer DJs for the radio! It is only hospital radio, but it is something else to do as well as the museum. My interview will be on Friday! Am rather excited!

There will be a World According To Fred tomorrow, he has had a bit of writer’s block this week, but I am sure he will come up with something eventually…