I’m Ready!

It’s finally here, my final year of university.

And preparing myself for it, among other things, has shamelessly kept me away from my keyboard and updating Geeky Scribbles. For this I apologise, and promise to update you all much more often in the forseeable future.

Since the last post, I got myself a job. I’ve been working at Lush Bath Spa now for the past two months as a Christmas temp sales assistant, and I blooming adore it! My colleagues are lovely people, and the products are beautiful. My world has been filled with perfume and glitter, and I don’t know what I’ll do without it in my life.

So, with working, and moving out of my beloved studio flat to a disabled-access room in the halls of residence at the top of campus, I’ve been keeping myself rather busy.

Not to mention that last weekend, the freshers moved onto campus in their hundreds.

I’ve been living on campus pretty much alone (apart from the apathetic international postgraduates I shared my halls with) for the past four months, so having the place buzzing with activity feels alien to me. No longer can I go for late evening walks around the lake without passing some people clutching cans of beer like they are a lifeline, or curl up in front of Netflix without the background sound of flat parties rumbling through the blocks.

It’s nice to be able to talk to people again, and not feel as isolated as I have been, but at the same time, I appreciate peace and quiet.

So, today is the first day of Fresher’s Week, with the first years attending many introductory classes and hanging out in the bustling SU bar. I’m sat here typing on my laptop in a bid to get out of the flat and do something productive, but getting distracted by occasional snippits of conversation that I’m overhearing from the students around me.

And I’m ready to rock!


Carpri Diem!

It’s been quite some time since I wrote that last post, and I’m so sorry about not keeping this blog as updated as I ought to. A lot has happened in a little while, and I just haven’t given myself the time to write!

Anyway, summer has well and truly kicked off! All of my friends have moved off campus now, and I’ve been given the keys to my new studio flat! I’m sat in it at the moment, writing this. I started moving some bits and pieces over yesterday evening, and slept here for the first time last night. I have my own kitchen, bathroom, dining room, my bed is in the corner of the kitchen, along with my wardrobe, and my desk is in a lovely little conservatory section, which I love when it’s sunnier (the rain has kicked off today, sadly).

Update on the guy, we’re actually now together, as a proper couple! I even met his father the other week, and I’ve been given the thumbs up, apparently! Next week we’ll have been together for two months, scary how the time flies! I’ve never met someone so supportive and understanding about me and my issues, and I often have him behind me every step of the way when I embark on new projects, go off to places and generally follow my dreams. It’s lovely, I feel beautiful when I’m with him, and it’s wonderful.

All my coursework is finally complete! All I have to do now is print the last bits off, which I’ll do today, and hand them into the registrar’s office, then I can sit back, and wait for my grades, which I’ll get in September before the new academic year starts. Yikes! As long as I pass, then it’ll be ok, I’ll be aiming higher next year!

Speaking of university, my job as Careleaver Liberation Rep starts properly as of now! Clearing is happening, and young people across the country are finding out if they got into their university of choice. Careleavers are doing this too, and I remember opening my results letter telling me I got into my university, and wondering ‘how is this going to work out?’. So I’ll be on Twitter today, with the hashtag #careleaverlibrep to answer any questions about leaving care and starting up at university as a careleaver. Exciting time to be had by all!

So, on top of everything else, I’ve helped out with the development of an app for careleavers to assist with pathway plans, education/work/training and identity. It’ll be promoted during Careleaver Week, in October half term, so I’ll be promoting it to my students, as well as you guys. Just because you grew up in care, it doesn’t mean that you’re society’s offcast. You still have so much to offer! I promise!

I’ve also started work on a WWI novel for young people, so am hoping to have the first draft completed by the end of the year. In the meantime, I should really start moving some more stuff over…

Weekly Catch Up!

So, I haven’t done a proper catch up post in a while, but I shall make sure I do one every Sunday.

Anyways, this was my first full week of lectures and seminars, the lectures were all introductory, whilst the seminars were a lot more enjoyable. I haven’t actually started my assignments yet, because my brain turns to mush post lectures and therefore means that I have to do something completely unrelated to bring my mind back to the real world. And by the time that happens, it’s three in the morning, and I really ought to go to bed. I need to get into the swing of things so bad. 

I also had a job interview! I had signed up to do bar work at the local rugby club, and they had asked me to attend a recruitment night, which I assumed to be formal and all interview-like. So, with my paperwork in hand, I headed off to the rugby club, filled out a few forms, and was offered the job, which I start on Thursday! Whoop! I’m finally employed, which is very exciting, as I’ve never actually worked for a wage! I mean, the museum did offer me a job, but I would of been unable to accept it as I was to hand in my notice that same week, which kind of sucked. 

Besides, I’m getting busy with the Comedy Society! I missed the bus to go earlier, to be on time, but now I’m going to be late.I guess I need to pay more attention to bus timetables. But there is Oxjam in a couple of weeks, so I really need to get some material together for my (gulp) first stand up performance. I’m nervous, but I’m sure it’ll be all worth it.

The past few days I’ve had fresher’s flu, so I’ve spent most of my weekend in my pajamas feeling sorry for myself. I’m feeling a bit better now I’ve had some rest, and tomorrow I have a meeting with my university mentor, and I need to drop in a form to work, followed by a hunt for suitable shoes for my shift.

Until then…

What a Day!

I’m a writer. I also love reading, hence the massive collection of books that I have to go through and clear out so I can have a university room that isn’t full off books to the point of being dangerous…

Anyway, got into work, and one of my colleagues brought a box full of books, Heartstone by CJ Sansom. I grabbed the craft knife ready to cut the box open to stack the shelves, when I was stopped by my front of house manager, who informed me, in a matter of fact way that the author himself was coming in that afternoon to sign them, ready to be sold on.

CJ Sansom has written a series of books starring a Tudor lawyer turned detective solving mysteries during the reign of Henry VIII. He wrote Heartstone, his fifth in 2010 and set it in Portsmouth, and he involves that fateful day in 1545 when the Mary Rose sank. So he collaborated with the museum trust to make sure that the book was historically accurate with the events that took place. And he has been involved with the trust ever since.

I did get the first book of the Shardlake series on my Kindle, but I loathe reading off a screen, so have ordered the other four books second hand from Amazon so I can catch up.

That said, when I heard he was coming, I immediately designed to hopefully get a signed copy of the book. Thank heavens we stock it in our beloved gift shop!

So, I bought the book. It was the most random transaction in the universe, as I had to sort out my payment whilst serving a customer at the same time (who said us aspies can’t multitask!).

And, as I put my wallet away, who should arrive with the head of the trust but CJ Sansom himself! Boy was I startstruck! He was about to get a personal VIP tour of the museum, but he spotted me staring at him, mouth open, and saw the book in my hand. Despite having to go off on his tour, he asked me if I wanted him to sign it for me, who he would sign it to, and even asked me to remind him of the date. I had wanted a photograph of us, but he did have to rush off.

Never mind, writers always rush to and from places. It’s what they do. It was just rather wonderful that he took a moment out of his day to do a young volunteer a rather special favour. It’s what I want to be like when I am a writer.

I can’t wait to read the series, and write a review for each novel.

In the mean time, it looks like a lot of pacing around is expected!

Shiz Just Got Real…

Packed up my locker at work today. This was a bitter sweet moment in my life where I am excited to be leaving there in order to find better things (like hopefully a paid job!). Yet I also feel a little bit sad to think that all I have to show for five months of volunteering there is this…


That is just a tad bit depressing. Oh well, another box of stuff to go through. There was a bit of a row between Josh and I, as he wants me to start looking for a job at university right this minute, and throw out most of my things. I however, want to make the most of the university jobshop so I find a shift that suits my hours of study. I also am determined to keep all my books. Especially the books.

So, I’ve got just one whole weekend, a Tuesday and a Saturday left at work. Not that I mind much, I can’t wait to get out of there!

It’s Beginning to Sink in Now…


As I start waiting to get my university welcome pack with my formal invitation to the early moving up, I thought I would do some preparing.

I love books, it is something about them that is almost comforting to me. So when I found these bad boys in Waterstones, I knew I had to purchase them!

The Study Skills one, which is the massive orange one, is basically the academic survival guide, whilst the other two books are more about surviving student life in general. They all have pride of place on my bookcase (yes, it finally arrived yesterday afternoon!) And I can’t wait to curl up with them prior to university.

So, it is beginning to sink in that I am moving away. Last night was the Mary Rose Annual BBQ, and my friend Dan and I were sat drinking wine, ale and lemon lager and nattering about the good old days at college. We chuckled at the fact that the ‘oh, we are the best filmmakers in the whole college, we shall win all the Film Festival awards and be so much more superior and successful than you mere mortals’ guys are off to Portsmouth University, whilst we are off to two very good courses for our fields of study, and laughed at their soon to be broken dreams. Mean? No! We shall never see those guys again, so we could bitch to our heart’s content! But it is mad to think that last night would be the last one in which I would spend time out of work with my collegues, and that I leave Hampshire for three years, for Bath, whilst Dan is off to London. We have both agreed to keep in touch, an  to visit each other in our prospective towns, which will be fab!

I’ve also started to put all my useful and important paperwork together, including my Student Finance, UCAS and university letters into a box. I also popped my passport form in there, and when I next get some money, the first thing to do will be to apply for my new passport. Yay… I need the passport though, as it is ID, and I can’t open a student bank account without one. Bah.

I even had a packup of nearly all my clothes, which was depressing, as I realized that nearly two years of a wardrobe fitted into three suitcases, and that I still have more out. I also remembered that I have a bonnet to transport, so will need to find a suitable hat box to pack it into so it doesn’t get ruined. I also need to find a suitable outfit for the Jane Austen Festival on 14th September as I don’t own a dress…

It’s daunting, but it is exciting, so I can’t wait! September can’t come quick enough!

And Madness Ensues…

So, it is all kicking off!

I was speaking to my friend (an ex boyfriend), who is on a gap year doing various voluntary gigs in various countries around the world. He has his own blog chronicling the year ahead. Anyways, we occasionally catch up when he gets signal (he is currently in the Israeli/Syrian border at the moment) and time on the hostel computer, and we talked about university. He will be staying in Hampshire for university after the gap year, whilst I bugger off. I see why he doesn’t want to go straight into university, like me, but I wouldn’t survive a gap year, so kudos to him.

Talking to him today really made it sink in that in 1 month and 7 days today, I will be off to university. It’s nerve wracking, that for the first time, I will be in my own space, able to make my choices without someone breathing down my neck, although the inlaws said that if I’m struggling to just call them, which is lovely. But it is still a major life change. At least I’ve met a few people in the same halls, even the same flat as me, as well as one of my next door neighbours! Very exciting!

Yesterday we had Chinese to celebrate me and Josh getting into our respective universities, and I began my list of university items that I need to purchase. I filled a list of six A4 pages in a notebook of various items that I will need. I know where any extra money will be going in the next month or so…

I’ve got my DSA appointment on Thursday, handing in my notice to Mary Rose on Tuesday and will end up spending any money left over from the rent on some useful university items.

Such fun.


Ah, yes, it’s finally Friday. Sorry about awful title, but couldn’t resist.

Anyways, Friday is always the day of the week where I tend to be at my most busy, as it is the day of the week where I am either off to Josh’s, or off to a camp. This weekend is the former, although it is two weeks to go until the final event of the season is here, well, the final one involving tents and sleeping bags (Fred ought to be thrilled, he hates camping!). The event after it is the Jane Austen Festival, which is a one day event, as we have been invited to join in the Promanading Parade that takes place. I’ve never attended the festival before, even as an everyday tourist, let alone as a reenactor, so I am rather excited to immerse myselfbin everything Jane. But I am going off on a tangent like I have the habit of doing.

Today I also have an interview for Radio Haslar, which I will be attending this afternoon. After lunch, I will be daubing on my warpaint, and making sure that everything is together before I set off, as I will be going straight from the interview into Portchester, depending on the time. The interview is to see whether I am suitable for the volunteer DJ job (basically presenting the show and playing music). I’m being quietly confident with this, as I know I can talk for Britain, and have a media qualification, so it shouldn’t be  difficult, as I know that I interview rather well. That said, Josh will be helping me update my CV and to print it off so I can pop into Portsmouth, as there is a job going in Topman, the male version of Topshop. Nervous? Maybe. But I need the job, and I need the money!

Am working on shop duties this weekend, so have picked up a sensible pair of shoes to wear. I also need to report my ID and fob missing, as I dropped it the other day whilst walking into town and haven’t seen it since…

Such fun.

Catch Up Time!

So, I thought that a catch up post is well in order. I wanted to not do many of these on this blog, as I made that mistake before, and lost views/followers. But this blog needs a weekly touch down, so you guys don’t end up being convinced that I’ve fallen into a rather suspicious looking rabbit hole or anything…

Anywayc catch up. This past week has been interesting. Monday was same old, same old. Tuesday I was at work, where I had a nasty experience involving graffiti/vandalism and near dismissal, so not great. Wednesday was quiet. Other than my counselling session. Yes, I have a counsellor, don’t be so shocked! Due to the naff stuff that took place in my past, I’ve decided that in order for me to get some new perspective on life and leave the past shite behind, that I’ll go for a few sessions in order to get it all off my chest, seriously, baggage to university? Would much rather not. Thursday I went to see Monsters University with Josh, and it was a lovely little date (first cinema date in ages, and Josh was sensible enough to keep shushed!). Friday was a trip to the Apple store for my sister in law to purchase a wireless keyboard for her iPad. Saturday was the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, a wonderful event to raise a spot of money for local kids with cystic fibrosis. I took lots of photos, but as they were on Josh’s phone, I can’t do my promotional post on it until he emails them to me (Josh, I know you read this blog, you have my email address), so look out for that. I also went to one of Josh’s friend’s 18th birthday, and I debuted my brand new Topshop dress, what do you lot think?


I think I scrub up alright! Would of been better in contact lenses, but I lost my pot at camp, and had to bin my lenses. Sunday was a pajama day, simply because I overslept, and ended up not going into work. Today was quiet, although I got to pop into town on my way home from Josh’s, whilst Waterstones was quiet, and picked up a couple of new books (will I ever learn?)


Here they are! The pink one is Evelina, by Francee Burney, the writer who inspired Austen herself to put pen to paper. It’s a novel of letters, which is a different way, a very voyeuristic way of telling a story, and I  am enjoying the experience. The other book, Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell, is a darker tale of how personal tragedy can awaken you to darker injustice. I haven’t started it yet, but will get to it after I’ve finished Evelina.


However, I did clear out my wardrobe, and this bag is full of clothes to donate to the charity shop! My wardrobe of casual wear now looks like this:


I sorted them into garments as well, so it will be easier to pick out an outfit!

Only downside was when I unpacked my suitcase, and, discovered, to my horror, that this slipped into my clothes…


Josh, I do know you sometimes read this blog, and now would be a good time to get hold of me! This is your drama shirt!

And, on that note, I hope you all had a good week/weekend, and hopefully this blog should get updated more often in the next week, including rebooting the blog challenge and more of The World According To Fred!

Until then x

One Step Closer

Finally booked my train tickets for my next event! I’m rather excited now, even though the tickets cost me a good £43! I was sat in the staff room on my tea break, ready to actually get my head down, and book these tickets, because if I left it any longer it would get far too expensive for me to go.

So, the next job is to start the shopping! I need a sleeping bag as my housemate had to lend me her’s, and it turned out to be too short for me anyway! So it has to be a large rather than a regular, just to be awkward. I also need my own camp bed, which I can pick up for about £15. I’m going to Southampton tomorrow with my carer and housemate, so I ought to be able to check out what’s what.

In the meanwhile, I am finally travelling hone from a weird day of work. But that, good readers, is another story