How to Write a Novel in 30 Days #2

Day #2…

Not at all as successful as yesterday. It’s mostly my fault, so I shall hang my head in shame, knowing that I have to write double what I need to do tomorrow in order to get myself back on track.

Last night was the night the brand new Sims 4 expansion came out on midnight release. I’d preordered the game, and was sat staring at my laptop in anticipation, ready to spend the night gaming in the virtual world where I am the creator of the universe.


I played until nearly 4am.

It’s a very addictive thing, Sims 4. Especially when you can now go with them to their workplace and wreck havoc on their working lives as well as their social and personal lives…

After noticing that I’d spent all night waiting and gaming, I reluctantly shut everything down, and trotted up to bed. Four hours later, my aunt was giving me the wakeup call that I’ve asked her to give me each day I’m in Portsmouth to ensure I get some writing done, I could barely open my eyes, or grunt much of a response. She popped my cup of tea on the side, and went off to her driving test (she passed, by the way, so congratulations to you Auntie!) and then work.

And I didn’t actually get out of bed until 1pm. The time I’d agreed to pop over to my grandparent’s house for an afternoon trip to their favourite local pub…

It was safe to say that I was occupied all afternoon with catching up, eating icecream and teaching Nan how to download things onto her iPad, and how to use Facetime (she’ll be a silver surfer yet!).

After getting home and having some dinner, me and my aunt and uncle watched the Leader’s Debate on ITV, and ended up debating heavily on what we thought of the issues (mixed results about immigration, the NHS and young people in education, work and training). We ate cake, did a bit of, then everyone went to bed.

Well, nearly everyone…

And that was when I realised, at 1am, that I haven’t written a single word. Not one. Great work Heidi, great work! I’m going to have to write an extra 1917 words on top of the usual 2000 target tomorrow, and I have only myself and my gaming/terrible sleeping habits to blame. Ah well, there is always the morning…

And the evening.

Auntie wants to go out for the day tomorrow, to watch a film and go for lunch. So it’s going to be a frantic day to juggle everything, but I’m sure I’ll manage!

I think…


Starting Word-Count = 2083

Target Word-Count of the Day = 2000

Word-Count Total = 2083

Total Words Written Today = 0

Minimum Word-Count Target for Tomorrow = 3917


Carpri Diem!

It’s been quite some time since I wrote that last post, and I’m so sorry about not keeping this blog as updated as I ought to. A lot has happened in a little while, and I just haven’t given myself the time to write!

Anyway, summer has well and truly kicked off! All of my friends have moved off campus now, and I’ve been given the keys to my new studio flat! I’m sat in it at the moment, writing this. I started moving some bits and pieces over yesterday evening, and slept here for the first time last night. I have my own kitchen, bathroom, dining room, my bed is in the corner of the kitchen, along with my wardrobe, and my desk is in a lovely little conservatory section, which I love when it’s sunnier (the rain has kicked off today, sadly).

Update on the guy, we’re actually now together, as a proper couple! I even met his father the other week, and I’ve been given the thumbs up, apparently! Next week we’ll have been together for two months, scary how the time flies! I’ve never met someone so supportive and understanding about me and my issues, and I often have him behind me every step of the way when I embark on new projects, go off to places and generally follow my dreams. It’s lovely, I feel beautiful when I’m with him, and it’s wonderful.

All my coursework is finally complete! All I have to do now is print the last bits off, which I’ll do today, and hand them into the registrar’s office, then I can sit back, and wait for my grades, which I’ll get in September before the new academic year starts. Yikes! As long as I pass, then it’ll be ok, I’ll be aiming higher next year!

Speaking of university, my job as Careleaver Liberation Rep starts properly as of now! Clearing is happening, and young people across the country are finding out if they got into their university of choice. Careleavers are doing this too, and I remember opening my results letter telling me I got into my university, and wondering ‘how is this going to work out?’. So I’ll be on Twitter today, with the hashtag #careleaverlibrep to answer any questions about leaving care and starting up at university as a careleaver. Exciting time to be had by all!

So, on top of everything else, I’ve helped out with the development of an app for careleavers to assist with pathway plans, education/work/training and identity. It’ll be promoted during Careleaver Week, in October half term, so I’ll be promoting it to┬ámy students, as well as you guys. Just because you grew up in care, it doesn’t mean that you’re society’s offcast. You still have so much to offer! I promise!

I’ve also started work on a WWI novel for young people, so am hoping to have the first draft completed by the end of the year. In the meantime, I should really start moving some more stuff over…

Tomorrow Ought To be Interesting…


So, tomorrow I plan to pop into Southampton, on a solo trip to Ikea. And Bear Factory. Fred has this little suitcase, and I do believe a couple of bits and pieces are in order. I also want to check out the prices for various things, including crockery, cutlery and wine/beer/shot glasses. I also have been informed by a colleague at work that I ought to own a bottle opener/cork screw. Apparently this will make me new friends at flat parties. I wouldn’t know about this sort of thing, but I will invest in one. You never know how unorganized people can be sometimes.

I also need to finish up my tidying from this evening. I’ve unpacked the two suitcases I brought back from Josh’s this weekend just gone, but now I have to find places for everything. I have to say that I have managed to fill two charity shop bags full, though I shall be buying some bin bags tomorrow so I can properly chuck stuff out. I was naughty though, and bought some more books…


I wasn’t a huge fan of The Time Travller’ s Wife when I attempted to read it back when I was fifteen and reading it whilst waiting for my foster mum to let me in the house (well, more dipping in and out of it whilst attempting not to move her bookmark, as there was only one copy in the house), but it is on the recommended reading for university, so will start reading it tomorrow. I also thought getting the Writer’s Yearbook would be sensible, considering my chosen course of study. And I finally picked up another study skills handbook, simply because a university student can’t have too many of them. I am dreading getting my full reading list for this year though, there seem to be so many modules, and the course guide book on the university website confuses the heck out of me. With 29 days to go until I leave, there is an awful lot to do…

Also, I know someone thought I wasn’t being very polite about leaving work behind (thanks Twitter!) So I might use this opportunity to note that I can’t wait to leave Hampshire in general, although work does wear me out at the best of times. I love how sometimes even non Aspergers folk read the written word so literally. It’s nothing personal, I just marvel at it. I apologise, therefore, if this wasn’t taken in the right way, it wasn’t done on purpose.

On that note, I shall wish you all good night, tomorrow another World According To Fred, where Growing Up will be the discussion point. Also, I think he might get his Kate Moss head on after the shopping trip!