Update Time!

So, I figured that I haven’t really written a proper update post in a while, so before I go off to have the opening chapter of my novel to shreds…  I mean workshopped by my peers, I thought I would update you on what I’ve been up to.

Firstly, the Novel finally has a title! It’s called No Day But Today, based on a line from the musical Rent, which is one of my favourite musicals ever! I felt it fitted because this novel is essential a comedy coming of age piece, about a young university student who finds out what it truly means to love, and to sieze every day as it comes.

I’ve also decided against the Elphaba Halloween costume, as I can’t afford to buy better facepaint at the moment. However, tomorrow I’ll pop into Bristol’s Primark to replace the button-up shirt I lost so I can go all Femme Doctor on people’s asses! I’m also thinking of doing Femme Shaun, although this means replacing my tie, as that’s gone walkies, sadly. I need two costumes now because I’ll be going to the Monster Mash on Wednesday, and going out on the town for actual Halloween. Geeky costumes are the way to go, I’m pleased to say!

It’s my birthday on Wednesday, hence the very serious ‘Dear Younger Heidi’ post, and I’m trying to cram as much immature behaviour into the next two days as I possibly can! Also, happy birthday Josh, we can be the same age for two days! But then I shall be twenty, and will have to start acting, well, more like an adult. It doesn’t mean I actually will act like an adult all the time, quite far from that. But, I do like my birthday, as people always want to celebrate it because it’s so close to Halloween.

I’m also going back to Hampshire for the weekend, which is very exciting! I’ve missed Portsmouth, in a weird kind of way…

So, I’ve typed up the firat draft of my novel, and am starting to write out the second one, but I dread to think what people will think of it.

And, on that note, I have class in a bit.

Signing out!


DW, Radio, University and Other Shiz

So, this past few days have been great. Firstly, the new Doctor has been revealed, and I enjoyed seeing people rant about various things, like:

*The Radical Feminists moaning that they didn’t cast a woman, or an actor who is an ethnic minority

* Super DW/Torchwood fans complaining that he was in Torchwood prior to DW

*Others moan he was in Skins, or other shows, and that they should of cast an unknown actor, rather like Matt Smith was prior to DW glory

* And a couple of folk grumbled softly that Peter looks and sounds a bit too much  like David Tennent (well, they are both Scottish)

I’m okay with the fact that he is a male. It would of been nice to see a woman or an actor of ethnic minority to play the role. When some people also moan that the Doctor is never portrayed by someone who identifies as LBGT* I sigh, what about Jack Harkness? The DW universe also portrays a marriage between two female characters, so I believe the LBGT* community is covered in the show. They must of cast him based on previous experience, which shows that he knows the genre very well, and is able to put that experience into DW. So what if he was in other shows prior to this role? Contrary to popular belief, e still has to earn a living, so naturally would of done a few other shows other than Torchwood/DW. And the David Tennent look/sound alike? Just purely coincidental. I wasn’t so keen on him straight away, but I am warming to the idea. I’ll just be gutted to see my Matt go.

I also got the Radio job! I start my express training on Wednesday! I will be helping to host with another university student who will be off to Cambridge in September, whilst I…


Yes, I found out today that I got into my first choice university, as I was in a meeting with my social workers, and they were trying to sort out my deposit for the room in halls, especially as my place wasn’t confirmed on UCAS, and the Student Services looked at my records, and informed my social worker that I have indeed been accepted into the university! Whoop whoop!

So, other than work and general life, all isn’t so bad!


Ah, yes, it’s finally Friday. Sorry about awful title, but couldn’t resist.

Anyways, Friday is always the day of the week where I tend to be at my most busy, as it is the day of the week where I am either off to Josh’s, or off to a camp. This weekend is the former, although it is two weeks to go until the final event of the season is here, well, the final one involving tents and sleeping bags (Fred ought to be thrilled, he hates camping!). The event after it is the Jane Austen Festival, which is a one day event, as we have been invited to join in the Promanading Parade that takes place. I’ve never attended the festival before, even as an everyday tourist, let alone as a reenactor, so I am rather excited to immerse myselfbin everything Jane. But I am going off on a tangent like I have the habit of doing.

Today I also have an interview for Radio Haslar, which I will be attending this afternoon. After lunch, I will be daubing on my warpaint, and making sure that everything is together before I set off, as I will be going straight from the interview into Portchester, depending on the time. The interview is to see whether I am suitable for the volunteer DJ job (basically presenting the show and playing music). I’m being quietly confident with this, as I know I can talk for Britain, and have a media qualification, so it shouldn’t be  difficult, as I know that I interview rather well. That said, Josh will be helping me update my CV and to print it off so I can pop into Portsmouth, as there is a job going in Topman, the male version of Topshop. Nervous? Maybe. But I need the job, and I need the money!

Am working on shop duties this weekend, so have picked up a sensible pair of shoes to wear. I also need to report my ID and fob missing, as I dropped it the other day whilst walking into town and haven’t seen it since…

Such fun.


So, as you can see, my cosplay has been unveiled! I’ll be looking into the Femme Arthur Dent next, so stay tuned for that! I got my bow tie through the post yesterday afternoon, which I was able to intercept as work let me off early!

I didn’t realise that yesterday was one of those days where I didn’t actually need to go into work. I could of sat down and started some coursework, but as I left my memory stick over at my fiancé’s, I’m going to have to wait a while before I can finish off the theory side of things for college, but I’ll probably take the day off next Tuesday after the opening weekend rush in order to sit and get some serious work done. I might even head off to college and sit in the study centre a while, but, meh.

Today I’m going to be visiting Southampton with my housemate and our carer today, it’ll be the first visit of the year, which is pretty exciting, as I haven’t been since the Christmas shopping. One of the reasons I rarely go there to shop is because it’s a one and a half hours’ journey by bus to get there in the first place (Winchester is two hours!), and the bus to the city isn’t very frequent, so you need to have a full day out in the city, it’s not somewhere where you can go to for a couple of hours and then go home. It’s also a place that gets pretty crowded when the weather is good, as they have a massive shopping centre, an IKEA and a very busy high street. It’s not particularly fun, but there you go. The crowd issue causes several issues, for example, long queues in some of the stores, people stepping on either you or the shopping and generally getting in the way. I tend to get most annoyed at the mums with huge buggies, which act like those snow plowers (and most of the time their kids are not even in the blinking thing!), and they expect you to get the heck out of their way! I understand it when a disabled person needs the room, but not these mums who use their buggies as trollies…

Rant over. 

Anyways, I’m really excited about tomorrow as well, as I’m going to be doing a filming gig for work. As the new museum has all it’s opening stuff going on tomorrow, they need people to help the film crew out. As I have training in filmmaking (thanks college!) I’ve been asked to help out. Only downside is that they will need me in Southsea for 8.30am. Looks like I’ll have to be up with the sparrows, as I need to get a bus from my house to Gosport, get the ferry over to Gunwarf, and then hop on another bus to Southsea. It’s a once in a lifetime thing though, so it really is something to get excited about!

And then on Friday will be a massive work do! We’re all going to this party that will have a DJ, live music, food and drink, just some really cool stuff! It’ll be a long one as well, so how I’m going to get off the base at 10.30pm without a pass is beyond me! 

Then Saturday and Sunday will be the opening weekend to the public! Scary stuff! I’m really nervous, as I know it’ll be the busiest weekend in the history of busy weekends. As a volunteer tour guide in the new museum, my job does involve crowd control, as well as talking to the public about the artefacts and other stories to do with the museum, and I also have to do security checks for unattended items. 

And then back to college for the final full day…