Getting On With It!

So, thought after doing that rather deep post the other day, I ought to do a nice little catch up with you all!

I’m currently sat in Costa in Gosport, using their wi fi whilst everyone else in the house goes to the gym.  They did suggest I joined, but I do hate gyms, not to mention that the last time I went to one, a girl there made me feel rather inadequate, and I wouldn’t serve all my contact through as I am obviously off to university. Meh.

Anyway, I picked up another couple of dresses, from a vintage inspired shop in Fareham, but from their genuine vintage rack, which was great. I got one dress for £5, as it had a pretty large hole in the hip, probably from when the previous owner ripped one of the belt loops from it…


So I spent quite a bit of my afternoon mending it. I hate mending, as I prefer creating, but I am pretty good at it. I had to start by stitching the lining back onto the seam of the hip, before then fixing the outer part to get rid of the large outside.


This is it post mend. I’m actually pretty impressed with my handiwork, even though it took forever! I still need to do a photo shoot of me in some vintage stuff though, so stay tuned for that!

I also attended the first Scout Network meeting I’ve been able to get to in ages! Which meant I finally got my necker and Network polo shirt! I was rather thrilled, and will look after then whilst at university. I am considering going on the Alton Towers camp, but it depends on if I am at work in Bath or not. I also want to join the Network up there as well, so I need to get in contact with them next week.


Aww, don’t I look sweet!

So, that brings me up to date for now!

Happy Days!

So, popped into Southampton today, and decided to google up vintage clothes shops in the area. For those I haven’t informed yet, I have decided to venture into the world of vintage fashion, and return to a time when clothes were pretty and classy, and made you look sexy without showing off all your flesh.

After trekking through the high street, we finally found Beatnik Emporium, a small store dedicated to selling and hiring out vintage and fancy dress clothes. It was rather worth it, as I managed to spend £25 on their sales rack dresses, purchasing three lovely summer/autumn dresses. I shall wear one of them tomorrow. In the meantime, a drink will be very much enjoyed!