So, Where Were We?

This past week has been very busy for me. I say this because it has been packed with all of the things, all at once. I’m currently in my brand new writing nook (after my old one shut down its tea room part of its business, jerks) and am munching macroons whilst tapping out this little piece.

I ran for the role of Women’s Liberation Rep for my university last week, but lost. The other girl is very good, and should be able to tackle the issues on campus relating to women in a very competent manner. Obviously I’m gutted to have lost, but it’s taught me a lot about who I want to be when I actually go out into the world (I love arguing a case and campaigning for things, so I believe being a literary agent would hone those skills, and I’d be submerged in new and interesting things to read. It does mean I have to learn how to edit work, sigh) and it’s opened my eyes to other issues that I feel need more attention than they are receiving. I made some friends as well, and got myself out there into the world of university life. I also loved the post-election festivities, after my dear friend got elected into Disability and Mental Health (an amazing person who makes me laugh, and has amazing insights on how life on campus can be made better for the disabled and mental health affected students. I adore her!) . Playing Mario Kart whilst tipsy is a very peculiar, but wonderful experience (although I am such a game rager, that my friend Daniel refuses to play with me…).

I had the social workers over yesterday, and they decided that because I’ve been struggling with my sleep and getting into class, that they had to have a crisis meeting with the student support people on the front line of my support at uni in order to discuss the reason that I am an epic fail of a student. It wasn’t a comfortable experience, but now social services want to link up with the university, and have more contact with me than once a term. I guess life should get more interesting on that front.

I’ve been asked to help out with the Asperger awareness training for staff in the financial department, so I’ve been very busy making a list of useful things that they ought to know so that they can make the department more AS friendly. It’s a very long list, talking about sensory issues, language, social blindness, how to prevent an AS meltdown, and how to spot a potential one brewing, stuff along those lines. I think I’m being offered tea for my time, so it ought to be fun.

I got my overlays yesterday for my Irlen Syndrome stuff, and I’ve visited the opticians to check if my prescription for my lenses was up to date as I didn’t want to have to order lenses that were the wrong strength for my reading glasses. Turns out my left eye has gotten weaker, so my prescription needs only slight alteration. But it did mean picking out a brand new pair of glasses (very exciting!), and with the help of a lovely assistant, I picked out a pair that reminded me of the underground Beat Generation of ’50s America, ala Allen Ginsburg of  Howl fame. I’m getting my new glasses tomorrow, so will update you on that tomorrow.

I’m also preparing for my trip to Amsterdam at the end of this month! They haven’t sent in an itinerary yet, but I hope we’ll get to go to Anne Frank’s House as part of the trip. You see, one of my main inspirations to write in the first place came from reading Diary of a Young Girl when I was ten, when I too started writing a diary addressed to ‘Tabby’. I reread it aged fourteen, and it taught me that it was OK to want to dream, even if the dream seems unachievable. So, I really want to visit the place that the diary talks of, see the pictures Anne glued onto the wall. I’ll be packing the book into my suitcase, along with my guidebook and phrasebook (my Dutch phrasebook arrived yesterday!) so I can feel so inspired by Anne and Amsterdam. All I need is to wait for my currency card to be all sorted out, and then I can really start packing and looking forward to a wonderful experience! I’ll be taking my post camera with me, so I can take lots of photos and put them on here!

So, I should be writing again soon, but in the meantime, have a lovely day!



DW, Radio, University and Other Shiz

So, this past few days have been great. Firstly, the new Doctor has been revealed, and I enjoyed seeing people rant about various things, like:

*The Radical Feminists moaning that they didn’t cast a woman, or an actor who is an ethnic minority

* Super DW/Torchwood fans complaining that he was in Torchwood prior to DW

*Others moan he was in Skins, or other shows, and that they should of cast an unknown actor, rather like Matt Smith was prior to DW glory

* And a couple of folk grumbled softly that Peter looks and sounds a bit too much  like David Tennent (well, they are both Scottish)

I’m okay with the fact that he is a male. It would of been nice to see a woman or an actor of ethnic minority to play the role. When some people also moan that the Doctor is never portrayed by someone who identifies as LBGT* I sigh, what about Jack Harkness? The DW universe also portrays a marriage between two female characters, so I believe the LBGT* community is covered in the show. They must of cast him based on previous experience, which shows that he knows the genre very well, and is able to put that experience into DW. So what if he was in other shows prior to this role? Contrary to popular belief, e still has to earn a living, so naturally would of done a few other shows other than Torchwood/DW. And the David Tennent look/sound alike? Just purely coincidental. I wasn’t so keen on him straight away, but I am warming to the idea. I’ll just be gutted to see my Matt go.

I also got the Radio job! I start my express training on Wednesday! I will be helping to host with another university student who will be off to Cambridge in September, whilst I…


Yes, I found out today that I got into my first choice university, as I was in a meeting with my social workers, and they were trying to sort out my deposit for the room in halls, especially as my place wasn’t confirmed on UCAS, and the Student Services looked at my records, and informed my social worker that I have indeed been accepted into the university! Whoop whoop!

So, other than work and general life, all isn’t so bad!