DW, Radio, University and Other Shiz

So, this past few days have been great. Firstly, the new Doctor has been revealed, and I enjoyed seeing people rant about various things, like:

*The Radical Feminists moaning that they didn’t cast a woman, or an actor who is an ethnic minority

* Super DW/Torchwood fans complaining that he was in Torchwood prior to DW

*Others moan he was in Skins, or other shows, and that they should of cast an unknown actor, rather like Matt Smith was prior to DW glory

* And a couple of folk grumbled softly that Peter looks and sounds a bit too much  like David Tennent (well, they are both Scottish)

I’m okay with the fact that he is a male. It would of been nice to see a woman or an actor of ethnic minority to play the role. When some people also moan that the Doctor is never portrayed by someone who identifies as LBGT* I sigh, what about Jack Harkness? The DW universe also portrays a marriage between two female characters, so I believe the LBGT* community is covered in the show. They must of cast him based on previous experience, which shows that he knows the genre very well, and is able to put that experience into DW. So what if he was in other shows prior to this role? Contrary to popular belief, e still has to earn a living, so naturally would of done a few other shows other than Torchwood/DW. And the David Tennent look/sound alike? Just purely coincidental. I wasn’t so keen on him straight away, but I am warming to the idea. I’ll just be gutted to see my Matt go.

I also got the Radio job! I start my express training on Wednesday! I will be helping to host with another university student who will be off to Cambridge in September, whilst I…


Yes, I found out today that I got into my first choice university, as I was in a meeting with my social workers, and they were trying to sort out my deposit for the room in halls, especially as my place wasn’t confirmed on UCAS, and the Student Services looked at my records, and informed my social worker that I have indeed been accepted into the university! Whoop whoop!

So, other than work and general life, all isn’t so bad!



Ah, yes, it’s finally Friday. Sorry about awful title, but couldn’t resist.

Anyways, Friday is always the day of the week where I tend to be at my most busy, as it is the day of the week where I am either off to Josh’s, or off to a camp. This weekend is the former, although it is two weeks to go until the final event of the season is here, well, the final one involving tents and sleeping bags (Fred ought to be thrilled, he hates camping!). The event after it is the Jane Austen Festival, which is a one day event, as we have been invited to join in the Promanading Parade that takes place. I’ve never attended the festival before, even as an everyday tourist, let alone as a reenactor, so I am rather excited to immerse myselfbin everything Jane. But I am going off on a tangent like I have the habit of doing.

Today I also have an interview for Radio Haslar, which I will be attending this afternoon. After lunch, I will be daubing on my warpaint, and making sure that everything is together before I set off, as I will be going straight from the interview into Portchester, depending on the time. The interview is to see whether I am suitable for the volunteer DJ job (basically presenting the show and playing music). I’m being quietly confident with this, as I know I can talk for Britain, and have a media qualification, so it shouldn’t be  difficult, as I know that I interview rather well. That said, Josh will be helping me update my CV and to print it off so I can pop into Portsmouth, as there is a job going in Topman, the male version of Topshop. Nervous? Maybe. But I need the job, and I need the money!

Am working on shop duties this weekend, so have picked up a sensible pair of shoes to wear. I also need to report my ID and fob missing, as I dropped it the other day whilst walking into town and haven’t seen it since…

Such fun.

Been Busy!

Today has been another busy one!

First, I had another quick tidy up, and found two of the books I bought at Kelmarsh, and tidied up my bedside table. Then I grabbed my stuff, I had some shoes to exchange, and that bag of clothes to donate to charity.

I spotted a Sue Ryder van on my way to the councillor’s office, and ditched the bag in the open door, and scampered off like a mother dumping a child outside the founding hospital (back in those goddamn awful days). Had a rather emotional session going over my relationship with my mother, before heading into town to run some errands. Picked up a portable DVD player (a sort out of my DVD collection is in order at some point), two skirts, some hair stripper, and a couple of books.

Then my carer texted me to inform me of an opportunity involving a bookcase costing £14.99 at a local charity shop. I therefore decided to take a look, as I was under the impression of it being waist high and unable to store much in the way of books (fitting my book mountain only), not to mention potentially being battered and in not so good condition. I went in, and saw it right away.

What a beautiful sight beheld my eyes!

It is taller than I am, with about six shelves, that are very deep indeed, and actually has two drawers in the bottom that are also rather deep. I bought it right away, as it is also in excellent condition, practically brand new! It will be delivered to me on 15th August, and a post with photos will be published, almost like the birth of that baby was announced! All very exciting indeed.

The day ended with a trip to the pub, and an email from Radio Haslar about an interview to become one of the volunteer DJs for the radio! It is only hospital radio, but it is something else to do as well as the museum. My interview will be on Friday! Am rather excited!

There will be a World According To Fred tomorrow, he has had a bit of writer’s block this week, but I am sure he will come up with something eventually…