I’m Off to Camp!

I have mentioned briefly about the Chalke Valley History Festival that I am being invited to by the Coldstream Guards Regiment 1815, to be a fellow reenactor for the weekend! And I leave tomorrow!


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It will be a whole weekend of living as I would of done as an apprentice sutler on camp alongside the Coldstone Foot Regiment during the Napoleonic Wars. I had to look that role up online, and apparently the sutler was somone who would sell non military goods to the soldiers of the regiment. I will eat food cooked in the 1815 way, sleep in a tent that they would of slept in, although I will have a modern sleeping bag and camp bed, as well as Fred (just packed him, is not impressed). I will wear clothes from the period and partake in the activities that I would of done in the day.

I’ve packed my main bag, and am about to pack my backpack. When my housemate gets back from college today, we will pop out to get me some stuff for a packed tea. I’ve booked the weekend off of work, but will have to book myself in for tomorrow during the day, as my lift isn’t going to get to me until 6.30pm.


The whole thing is very, very exciting. I remember seeing the festival being advertised in the paper left on the table in the staffroom at the museum. As a History Nerd, I was rather keen to go, but didn’t think I would be able to get up there, or to stay for even a couple of days. I thought nothing more about it until the group got in touch with me to invite me to go with them.

Of course I said yes!

So, tonight will be the final night in 2013 for this weekend, because tomorrow, I shall go to bed in a period tent, in 1815. On Saturday I will wake up there, and won’t leave until Sunday evening.

Just need to find Pride and Prejudice to get me in the mood!


Oh, found it!