31 Day Blog Challenge #3

Day 3 of the challenge, a day late, simply because last night was SO busy! We had a couple of friends and their kids over for dinner, so the kitchen needs a good tidy up, and I need to dye my hair ahead of tonight’s Film Festival (very exciting, will blog about it later on!).

Anyways, Day 3 is all about my favourite quote. I have many quotes that I love, for example, ‘Come to the Darkside, we have Cookies!’ (I even have a poster of this my older sister bought me for my 16th birthday, and it hangs proudly on my wall at home). I even bought a bus pass with ‘Come to the Dorkside, we have Computer games’ which I lost when my bus pass went missing.

But my most favourite quote has to be the following:

‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’

As a writer, this is a phrase that means an awful lot to me. Heck, I need a tattoo of this somewhere on my body, with a beautiful fountain pen (one of those really old-fashioned ones), but I need to get a design first (and the funds, sigh).

It is true that words can affect one more than someone could do physically. We don’t make the next move in a relationship until someone uses the words ‘I love you’. We take action for political and social issues by writing letters and petitions. As a member of Amnesty International, I understand how important a letter, email or signature can be in saving someone’s life. I’ll add a story I wrote about a human rights activist on this blog soon, but that’s by the by for now.

So, that is my favourite quote. What’s your’s?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!