In Other News…


This week just gone has been very unusual, as I’ve done things that have changed the way I view the world forever.

This time last week I was preparing for my debut into stand-up comedy. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, just to see how it feels to get up on stage and attempt to be hilarious for a paying audience. I entered the university’s ‘Battle of the Laughs’, which is like the traditional ‘Battle of the Bands’, but instead involves stand-up comedians rather than bands. The prize is to perform as headliner for the Summer Ball, in the comedy tent (we’ve only had this for two years, but we’re one of the few universities to have them), and last week was the first heat. I really enjoyed the rush I got when getting introduced as a stand-up by our lovely compare, and appreciated the laughter that I got from a few of my jokes. I didn’t get through to the final, but it was the experience that counted, and I’ve decided that I really would like to get some compare experience in next year.

I’ve also helped out at an Asperger’s Awareness training session with the financial team at university. I really appreciate the fact that various teams on campus want to be able to help students with autism and AspergersĀ to be able to get the proper support they need in a way that is comfortable. It makes me happier to think that people are starting to become more aware of how the disability can affect the day-to-day life of someone on the spectrum, and that they want to help in every way that they can to make the student’s lives a lot easier. Hopefully they will be rolling out the training across the board, so that all staff members of all departments of the university become more aware of autism and Aspergers and the issues they face. Speaking of issues, Josh sent me the link to a Youtube video, that I think you’ll all find rather interesting:

This is from Carly Fleischman, a young woman who has non-verbal autism, she communicates using a computer and speech software so she can explain what she needs/wants/etc. This video shows how it feels to be autistic, and the difficulties that you face when you’re dealing with sensory overload, and how it affects the world you live in, as well as how frustrating it is to be unable to explain what you want.

It’s an amazing video from a really inspirational person. It really shows what someone can achieve, regardless of their disability. If only other people could learn that we autistic people don’t want to be shut out from the world, but actually want to be given the opportunity to join in, and really make a difference, one that can change lives, for the better.

Also, next Thursday, I’m off to Amsterdam! My guidebook came through the post from Amazon, and I’ve flicked through it, getting more excited! The itinerary finally came through as well, so I’m so excited! I’m hoping that people will be able to come to the Anne Frank House with me, whilst one of my friends wants to go to all the places in The Fault in Our Stars, and to re-read the book, whilst I’m re-reading Anne’s diary. The only thing I’m dreading is all the actual travelling, as we’ll keep travelling from Bath to Amsterdam through the night. And I suck at sleeping on public transport. So I might have to ask for travel sleep meds from the doctor, as well as a letter from him to explain why I’ll be carrying sleep medication in my luggage. Oh my, so much to do before I leave as well, all the packing, the learning of some basic phrases, making sure my euro card comes in time…

I’m also going to partay! Yes, I’ve been invited to another Comedy Society party, and I’m really excited, as they always throw the best house parties, with Cards Against Humanity, Epic Rap Battles and other general awesomesauce stuff! I love parties, as long as I prepare myself in advance, like earplugs for sensory overload, making sure my handbag is packed, and that my phone is fully charged. It ought to be a great way of letting off steam after this really bizarre week that I’ve had

Other than that, it’s just a lot of catching up with work, writing and the writing of a comedy sketch involving material from my stand-up…


Tomorrow Ought To be Interesting…


So, tomorrow I plan to pop into Southampton, on a solo trip to Ikea. And Bear Factory. Fred has this little suitcase, and I do believe a couple of bits and pieces are in order. I also want to check out the prices for various things, including crockery, cutlery and wine/beer/shot glasses. I also have been informed by a colleague at work that I ought to own a bottle opener/cork screw. Apparently this will make me new friends at flat parties. I wouldn’t know about this sort of thing, but I will invest in one. You never know how unorganized people can be sometimes.

I also need to finish up my tidying from this evening. I’ve unpacked the two suitcases I brought back from Josh’s this weekend just gone, but now I have to find places for everything. I have to say that I have managed to fill two charity shop bags full, though I shall be buying some bin bags tomorrow so I can properly chuck stuff out. I was naughty though, and bought some more books…


I wasn’t a huge fan of The Time Travller’ s Wife when I attempted to read it back when I was fifteen and reading it whilst waiting for my foster mum to let me in the house (well, more dipping in and out of it whilst attempting not to move her bookmark, as there was only one copy in the house), but it is on the recommended reading for university, so will start reading it tomorrow. I also thought getting the Writer’s Yearbook would be sensible, considering my chosen course of study. And I finally picked up another study skills handbook, simply because a university student can’t have too many of them. I am dreading getting my full reading list for this year though, there seem to be so many modules, and the course guide book on the university website confuses the heck out of me. With 29 days to go until I leave, there is an awful lot to do…

Also, I know someone thought I wasn’t being very polite about leaving work behind (thanks Twitter!) So I might use this opportunity to note that I can’t wait to leave Hampshire in general, although work does wear me out at the best of times. I love how sometimes even non Aspergers folk read the written word so literally. It’s nothing personal, I just marvel at it. I apologise, therefore, if this wasn’t taken in the right way, it wasn’t done on purpose.

On that note, I shall wish you all good night, tomorrow another World According To Fred, where Growing Up will be the discussion point. Also, I think he might get his Kate Moss head on after the shopping trip!

It’s Beginning to Sink in Now…


As I start waiting to get my university welcome pack with my formal invitation to the early moving up, I thought I would do some preparing.

I love books, it is something about them that is almost comforting to me. So when I found these bad boys in Waterstones, I knew I had to purchase them!

The Study Skills one, which is the massive orange one, is basically the academic survival guide, whilst the other two books are more about surviving student life in general. They all have pride of place on my bookcase (yes, it finally arrived yesterday afternoon!) And I can’t wait to curl up with them prior to university.

So, it is beginning to sink in that I am moving away. Last night was the Mary Rose Annual BBQ, and my friend Dan and I were sat drinking wine, ale and lemon lager and nattering about the good old days at college. We chuckled at the fact that the ‘oh, we are the best filmmakers in the whole college, we shall win all the Film Festival awards and be so much more superior and successful than you mere mortals’ guys are off to Portsmouth University, whilst we are off to two very good courses for our fields of study, and laughed at their soon to be broken dreams. Mean? No! We shall never see those guys again, so we could bitch to our heart’s content! But it is mad to think that last night would be the last one in which I would spend time out of work with my collegues, and that I leave Hampshire for three years, for Bath, whilst Dan is off to London. We have both agreed to keep in touch, anĀ  to visit each other in our prospective towns, which will be fab!

I’ve also started to put all my useful and important paperwork together, including my Student Finance, UCAS and university letters into a box. I also popped my passport form in there, and when I next get some money, the first thing to do will be to apply for my new passport. Yay… I need the passport though, as it is ID, and I can’t open a student bank account without one. Bah.

I even had a packup of nearly all my clothes, which was depressing, as I realized that nearly two years of a wardrobe fitted into three suitcases, and that I still have more out. I also remembered that I have a bonnet to transport, so will need to find a suitable hat box to pack it into so it doesn’t get ruined. I also need to find a suitable outfit for the Jane Austen Festival on 14th September as I don’t own a dress…

It’s daunting, but it is exciting, so I can’t wait! September can’t come quick enough!