Itchy Fingers…

Let’s face it. It’s the winter vacation. I know I am meant to be having some sort of holiday, where I don’t even so much as lay eyes on pen and paper, let alone write whole pieces of literature. 

However, I do have to draft an essay for Poetry, which involves going through all the lecture slides from the lectures of last semester, which I missed because I was originally in Scriptwriting. I also have to write three or more short stories for my Creative Project, which is basically going to be an anthology of creative work sold to students and lecturers alike to raise money for the National Autistic Society. Therefore we wish to write pieces involving the issues faced by people with AS, such as isolation, being accepted by other people, being different, that kind of thing. I will probably have to write an author bio, and find someone of significance to write a foreword for it, before we go to print. We’ll have to pay for the anthologies to be printed, and bound, out of our own pockets. But it ought to be worth it.

But, I also want to start another novel. I did attempt the chic lit piece, but it didn’t feel right. So I want to try something different.

You see, I was watching the latest Hobbit movie with Josh for our date night on Monday, and was watching the scenes involving the dragon very closely. After all, The Hobbit was originally a set of spoken tales by Tolkin to his young children, before he wrote it up as a novel for children. Considering the movies are being marketed to adults, it’s incredible the way that the original audience for the story was for children.

I used to say that I never wanted to write children’s fiction. But I’ve been in some wonderful lectures with children’s writers, including David Almond, who wrote Skellig, which I need to get my hands on when I get a chance to. I love it that children get more involved with the stories, with the writers too. I know that this sounds mad, but I love the idea of spending time at my desk, with posh paper and a fountain pen, and a bottle of perfume, and writing handwritten responses to all my readers who write in to me, and slip in a bag of sweets just for the extra thrill. I know how much children rely on stories. I know I did when I was a little girl. I remember climbing up to a low branch in a tree where the bullies were to scared to climb, and curled up with a battered old book. I also remember reading The Phantom Tollbooth when I was fourteen, and being able to escape into the crazy world of edible words and talking numbers, because the real world filled with mean students and cruel foster carers wasn’t as fun.

So, I want to write a children’s book. 

Itchy fingers, man…


So, I might as well write this first post, now I’ve set up this brand new blog, all shiny and fresh, ready for the world to feast upon it.

Shall I put the kettle on? I do like a nice cup of tea, I do. Oh, and a wonderfully warm blanket, and a packet of custard creams. I ate a whole packet to myself once, whilst watching Miranda (oh, naughty!)

What am I chatting? Seriously, I haven’t even introduced myself yet! How bad, I ought to get on with it, I suppose.

I’m HJ Street, well, I am to those who follow my writing (or, in the past few months, lack of it) on places such as Wattpad and Deviantart. But to my loved ones, I’m simply Heidi. Plain old Heidi. Must try and get them to call me HJ, like TJ, but cooler. And I’m a writer, just one that needs a good old kick up the backside to get back to pen and paper.

I mean, me and my lovely fiancé were talking about it only the other day, after coming back home from London (engagement present from his lovely parents, we went to see a show at the theatre, then the next day we spent the afternoon in Convent Gardens). I said that I wasn’t sure about what to write.

HJ: I’m stuck! I ought to write something!

J: What about that novel you started?

HJ: Which one?

J: You know, the one set in the First World War?

HJ: Nah, too much in the way of historical research. It’s bad enough that I’m up to my neck in Tudor research for work, but WWI is taking the biscuit ever so slightly…

J: Alright… What about that fantasy novel sequel, you know, the one after the one you finished when you got with me?

HJ: Doesn’t feel right

J: The Arthur one?

HJ: Not sure. I like the character, I just haven’t a clue what to do with him…

J: Well, what else can I suggest?

HJ: Not much…

He gave up soon after that! He does try though, bless him.

My mind has drifted to the Fem Doctor Who cosplay that I am planning to attempt. I’ve figured I’ll start with #9’s, as I have a black skirt and green top. Just have to get hold of shoes and leather jacket and will be sorted. I am determined to go to Eurogamer in this get up, even though my fiancé would much rather I went as a companion. Yet, I am a feminist, and don’t want to look up to that ideal, so have sweetly, but bluntly refused. But Eurogamer will be good. I do like gaming, I have my own Xbox Live account, and I enjoy FPS (first person shooters) like Left 4 Dead and Halo, although Red Dead Redemption is pretty awesome for a third person shooter.

And then I look at the blanket I’m knitting for myself for the cold nights at university. I’ll be in an area that’s pretty cold, so am planning well ahead. I doubt it’ll be finished by September though, I’ve a long way to go. The mother in law does ask me all the time if I can crochet, but I can’t, I might be good, but I’m not that good!

Goodness, is my Mac really that low on battery? Crumbs, had better say goodbye!

Until Next Time,