Preparing for NaNoWriMo!

Yes, dear readers, it’s that wonderful time of year when millions of brave/mad writers across the world decide to attempt to write a 50k novel in 30 days. Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month!



I took part last year back home in Hampshire, where I was part of the Portsmouth region. I loved attending write-ins so much, just all the tea and cake! But this year I shall spend most of it in Bath, so I’ve joined the Bristol/Bath/Somerset region for the majority of this year’s antics! 

I haven’t started planning my novel yet, although I am trying to explain to all my Creative Writing lecturers that I’ll be taking part (most of them haven’t even heard of it, terrible!) and am asking to submit some of my novel as coursework, which they are intrigued at really, and have told me that if the writing is suitable, then I have every right to hand it in. Killing two birds with one stone? Hell yeah!

In the meantime, are any of you wonderful people taking part this year? Are you a planner or a pantser? Talk to me!