How To Write a Novel in 30 Days #1

Day #1 is here!

I’m in Portsmouth staying with my aunt and uncle for a week or so, so I’m using the change of scenery to help me focus in the initial stages of the project.

So, my aunt woke me up at half seven, and I rolled out of bed at eight, and started writing at nine. I had a mug of very sweet coffee, a couple of biscuits, some notes and my laptop, and got down to business.


By ten, I had about half and a bit of the day’s target total, 1035.


My initial aim was to have it all down by eleven, but it was about half past eleven when I hit gold…

With 83 extra words to the chapter! Huzzah!

I feel really good at this point. I’ve noticed how much easier it has been today after taking my ADHD medication first thing before sitting down to write. Starting a routine of writing a chapter a day will also probably help, as will writing a summery of each chapter down in my notes to remind me of where I’m at in the story so I don’t get side tracked. I can also write a quick line of how I want to work the next chapter, so I have an idea of where I’d like the story to go, but allowing the opportunity for my imagination to run wild and add other parts. It’s nice to be focused, and do things in manageable chunks. Says me on Day #1. By the end of the week I may feel differently, but who knows? At the moment I’m feeling pretty darn good about everything.


I’m looking happy at the moment, though how long that’ll last, I haven’t a clue. Milly had better behave herself in the next few weeks, otherwise we might just fall out. Writing an ADHD character as someone with ADHD is proving to be an interesting experience. As I’m handing parts of the book in for university work, I won’t be sharing excerpts until I’ve had my marks back, just to be on the safe side of not self plagerising, yay?

The story was initially going to be a chic lit style novel, although already in the first chapter I feel the genre is going in a whole new direction, probably just a comedy, to be honest. Even though ADHD isn’t always fun to live with, you can get an awful lot of material from personal experience for both stand up and general comedic writing. I really need to hone my comedy writing skills, so I’m hoping this novel will be very good practice!

So, Day #1 is done, bring on Day #2!


Starting Word-Count = 0

Target Word-Count of the Day = 2000

Word-Count Total = 2083

Total Words Written Today = 2083

Minimum Word-Count Target for Tomorrow = 1917


NaNoWriMo #11, 12, 13, 14

Current Word Count -14996

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a few days. This is because I simply haven’t had the time to write. 

On Tuesday I woke up late, had to go to a lecture and a seminar, then straight out to Bath with my flatmates for the Christmas Lights Switch-On, which was actually rather disappointing. We then went out for Pizza Hut, before going home and sleeping, so I never actually got any scribbling done. Yesterday was the dreaded three hours of lectures that I have every fortnight (how they sort the timetables out at my uni is beyond me!), followed by a mammoth laundry and cleaning session straight afterwards. Today I did a tiny bit of writing, then popped into town for a little while to do some shopping, and then came home and watched television. I did see my mentor today, and she’s given me a load of paperwork to fill out for my upcoming ADHD assessment, as well as a coloured overlay (a piece of coloured transparent plastic that you cover pieces of work with to read through), and I sat and read my critical extracts with it. I’m thrilled, as it’s already really helping me, and I’ve only had it an afternoon! She said that if I show signs that I have the condition where text seems to move about (spaces between words on much smaller, old fashioned prints used in academic writing tend to seem to get bigger, and I can only see certain words or letters if I concentrate) I might get funding to get special tinted glasses made for me so I can wear them rather than fiddling around with the overlay. I’m thrilled at the thought! 

I’ve also got a big essay due on Monday that I haven’t managed to start yet, as I keep getting distracted with NaNo, as well as life in general, so that means I won’t be able to write as much as I have been doing. It sucks, because I haven’t written an academic essay since I was sixteen, so am really worried that I’ll write like a total noob and fail the assignment…

Such fun.

NaNoWriMo #1



Current Word Count = 1780

I was up all of last night, firstly at work, then packing to go home this lunchtime (yes, I’ll be in Hampshire by 3pm, huzzah!). So, midnight struck, and I started writing. OK, I’ve been a rebel this year, because I actually started writing October 20th, because I needed some prose to hand in for workshopping in my seminar this week. It also means I can potentially hand in chapters of my novel in for assessment, provided they meet the brief.  This meant I was able to add at least another 300 words into Chapter One! Yay!

Sadly, because I will be potentially putting parts of my novel into submission for university, I am forbidden to put any excerpts online, as that would make me self plagiarizing my work. However, I enjoy character interviews, and other writing exercises. I’ll also talk about NaNo related stuff like survival kits, The Travelling Shovel of Death and other fun things this month! It’s all very exciting, because I’ve promised my friends and lecturers to write a blog post every single day of November to talk about my progress through this challenge. 

Bring it on November, I’m ready!

Preparing for NaNoWriMo!

Yes, dear readers, it’s that wonderful time of year when millions of brave/mad writers across the world decide to attempt to write a 50k novel in 30 days. Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month!



I took part last year back home in Hampshire, where I was part of the Portsmouth region. I loved attending write-ins so much, just all the tea and cake! But this year I shall spend most of it in Bath, so I’ve joined the Bristol/Bath/Somerset region for the majority of this year’s antics! 

I haven’t started planning my novel yet, although I am trying to explain to all my Creative Writing lecturers that I’ll be taking part (most of them haven’t even heard of it, terrible!) and am asking to submit some of my novel as coursework, which they are intrigued at really, and have told me that if the writing is suitable, then I have every right to hand it in. Killing two birds with one stone? Hell yeah!

In the meantime, are any of you wonderful people taking part this year? Are you a planner or a pantser? Talk to me!