I’m Ready!

It’s finally here, my final year of university.

And preparing myself for it, among other things, has shamelessly kept me away from my keyboard and updating Geeky Scribbles. For this I apologise, and promise to update you all much more often in the forseeable future.

Since the last post, I got myself a job. I’ve been working at Lush Bath Spa now for the past two months as a Christmas temp sales assistant, and I blooming adore it! My colleagues are lovely people, and the products are beautiful. My world has been filled with perfume and glitter, and I don’t know what I’ll do without it in my life.

So, with working, and moving out of my beloved studio flat to a disabled-access room in the halls of residence at the top of campus, I’ve been keeping myself rather busy.

Not to mention that last weekend, the freshers moved onto campus in their hundreds.

I’ve been living on campus pretty much alone (apart from the apathetic international postgraduates I shared my halls with) for the past four months, so having the place buzzing with activity feels alien to me. No longer can I go for late evening walks around the lake without passing some people clutching cans of beer like they are a lifeline, or curl up in front of Netflix without the background sound of flat parties rumbling through the blocks.

It’s nice to be able to talk to people again, and not feel as isolated as I have been, but at the same time, I appreciate peace and quiet.

So, today is the first day of Fresher’s Week, with the first years attending many introductory classes and hanging out in the bustling SU bar. I’m sat here typing on my laptop in a bid to get out of the flat and do something productive, but getting distracted by occasional snippits of conversation that I’m overhearing from the students around me.

And I’m ready to rock!

Prep for Post November!

So, I was thinking that it might be a sensible idea to start thinking about what I’ll write about on this blog post NaNoWriMo. It might be nice to do a Christmas Count-Down, see if I can find a festive theme for this blog. 

In all seriousness though, I’m considering a few ideas:

1) Lush Reviews – Where I write about Lush products I’ve started using, and if I like them or not, and rate them out of five stars

2) Book Hauls – I seem to buy so many books at the moment (blame all the awesome bookshops in Bath!), so book hauls and even posts about bookshops I visit like in The Matilda Project’s blog (which I loved!)

3) Tea/Hot Chocolate reviews – If I’m not in Lush, a vintage clothes shop or a bookshop, I’m buying all sorts of lovely hot beverages to curl up with on these cold winter nights.

4) Weekly Catch-Ups – Making sure I post at least once a week, to let you all know I’m alive and kicking

5) Weekly Writing Post – Where I put a piece up that I’m happy not to submit to my degree stuff each week, as well as writing tips/advice

That’s all I have so far! I know I need to start up the feminist stuff again, but I haven’t been up for ranting, just too tired! But, any other ideas you might have I’ll consider!

Thanks again, folks, you’ve been great readers!

Lush Party!

For those who know me in personal life, you will know that I am obsessed with the cosmetic company Lush. They are a British company who focus on using natural, organic ingredients in their products. They are also a company that focuses on moral and ethical issues, for example, they don’t test products on animals, or use ingredients from companies that do test on animals. They source everything from fair-trade companies as well, so it’s good to know that the company isn’t just about sell, sell sell. I’ve always wanted to do a Lush event, and one day, I was invited to attend a Student Lock-in tonight, which was very exciting. I went with two uni friends, including my next door neighbour and a mutual friend.

We started the evening with a game of ‘Under and Over’ with their Whoosh Shower Jelly, with their Dirty Shower Gel added with water to make it harder. My team lost, which sucked, not that it mattered of course. We then went into groups, and then had a tour of the shop, with a brief consultation about the products. We then watched the making of a fresh facemask, Cupcake, and I popped some on my face (silly Heidi didn’t get a photo!). Then we were let loose to make purchases, and if you bought a certain amount of items, you got a goody bag with about £20 worth of stuff! It was a great night!

And, now, to show off my Lush Haul! (I’ll do a proper Lush post with all my products that I own soon, but I’ll show and talk about the stuff I got tonight)



Here’s everything! 



Here’s the first product! Jumping Juniper is a Solid Shampoo product, the argument is that it’s the raw product without all the preservatives or the packaging that isn’t needed. You basically use this like a bar of soap, lathering it up in your hands before washing it into your hair. I’ve used this version before, it’s pretty good for cutting through grease in the hair, as it has lemon in it.


This is basically a solid deodorant, again, following the no packaging/no preservatives. You rub it carefully under the arms, like a roll on almost. Great for me, because of the fact that I can’t use normal deodorant as it makes me sneeze really badly. 



Black Stockings is basically a block version of fake tan, as you let it melt onto the skin like a massage bar, and rub it in evenly in order to achieve a nice glow rather than the Tango style we are so used to seeing people bearing.


Ah, Lust soap! I used to own the perfume of this scent, which I felt was a bit too overpowering. I remember everyone in my household getting a headache as it was such a strong smell, probably the jasmine. I’ll give it a go, to see if I prefer it as a soap compared to the perfume.


Eau Roma Water, a really nice toner, you spray it like a mist onto freshly cleansed/scrubbed skin, before dabbing with cotton wool/tissues. The rose water and lavender is really good for soothing hot and bothered skin, so ideal for hot days.



There is a reason Angels on Bare Skin is a Lush bestseller. The lavender calms the skin, and it’s so easy to use, ideal for most skin types. The almonds in the clay act like a gentle exfoliator as well, so you basically do two steps with one product! What’s not to like?



My skin is a funny one when it comes to being a skin type. One week it is oily, next it is dry. I have to therefore use an all-rounder cream, and I love the way Imperilis feels on my skin, and adore the idea of the tiger lily used in the moisturizer.



And, last but by no means least, my favourite free product they put into the goody bag. Last year Lush brought out its own makeup range called Emotional Brilliance, selling eyeliners and lipsticks, and named the shades after various emotions. I dare you to go into one of their stores to have a consultation! They have a wheel in there, which they spin, and get you to pick colours you like the look of, which reveals (in a strangely accurate way!) your emotional needs. they argue that makeup can involve colour therapy in order to make you feel better about yourself. I love it that the one I got was Strong. It really is a strong shade of red, and I really am a sucker for red lipstick. I do like to think that I have a very strong personality, as my friends will make me aware of. That said, I do need to strengthen my writing ready for the degree ahead, so perhaps this was a very apt choice for me. Not to mention I’ve wanted to have some Emotional Brilliance in my life, since it first came out!

So, that was my haul, as well as my experience of tonight’s event! Soon I’ll write a proper Lushy blog based on all the products I own, and why I love them!