The World According to Fred #1 – Summer

I like the summer. Especially when it’s hot, but breezy, with clear blue skys. Today I enjoyed a bit of a sunbathing session with HJ in the Gosport garden, whilst she did a bit of knitting and blogging.


I decided to pose with these lovely flowers that were on the table where HJ was knitting. They did smell rather lovely, even if they did make me sneeze (do bears get hay fever?). Perhaps I ought to start taking allergy tablets.

HJ is knitting me a brand new scarf, as my one that she knitted me last Christmas has started to look rather naff, I might be a teddy bear, but I like to look fresh and stylish! She has chosen some really cool rainbow wool that gives the finished article a tye dye like style. I can’t wait for it to be finished, I know that all the other toys are going to be rather jealous of me (they kind of are already, but that is besides the point) but HJ does joke that I must be one of the most spoilt teddy bears ever. I don’t think so, I just know what I want. Like I want most of the Build a Bear clothing range!


See, it looks rather nifty, doesn’t it?

We are back indoors now, as HJ has gotten sunburned on her shoulder and chest (silly girl) and is now sat on her bed rubbing aftersun lotions all over her angry, red skin. She says that the red ought to become a tan, but I know she never really tans, that actually, all she does is goes red, burns, and is usually white as a sheet again come September.


And now, for a ‘selfie’ of me and HJ. She tells me that these selfies are rather popular on the internet at the moment. Thank goodness I can’t do the duck face, that would be rather daft!

I do like summer, but today was a tad bit too hot for my liking. Why I couldn’t of just stayed inside, keeping cool is beyond me. HJ wants me to go with her to the beach at some point, hinting that some swim trunks might be mine if I do go. But I might pass on that if it is hot again. Besides, next week we are off to yet another one of HJ’s reenactment camps, and we’ll have to get two trains and the Tube, which I’ve done before, and didn’t really enjoy that.

I guess that concludes this week’s post. Next week I shall be talking about camping…


Summer Days

As it is a lovely day outside, I’ve decided to sit in the garden with my Kindle, knitting and the sun. Besides, I could do with a bit of sun on my legs, as my arms are catching a bit of a tan, whilst my legs look rather corpse like. I would appreciate a little bit of a healthy glow, but being dark with tan isn’t the plan.

I ought to sit with a notebook, but seeming as I’ve forked out nearly £10 for an app to edit documents on, I might as well just use that to start a bit of literary genius on. I can then email it to myself to get Josh to print off if I wanted to. I’ve also gotten halfway through another square for my uni blanket, though I might start knitting Fred a nice new scarf now his one from Christmas is beginning to look a bit stretched and ropey.

I’m also thinking about new ideas for this blog, to try and get a bit more readership. Perhaps I might give Fred a weekly post, so he can talk a little bit of wisdom in ‘How Fred Sees It’. I will also start doing more cosplay posts, and some better knitting project ideas. I want to do a bit more on the feminism and activism front, (I am a member of Amnesty International) as well as talk a bit more about autism. You know what, I might even chuck a bad joke or two in whilst I’m there!

For now, though, check out my outdoor desk set up!


Knitting Stuff!


These beauties arrived yesterday, but as I was out, I had to go and collect them from the post depo. Not that it matters! I ordered them from Amazon last week, as I’ve misplaced my bone needles that I bought at Chalke Valley a couple of weeks ago. They are lovely, perfect for taking to camp with me, as I can’t take my usual metal ones, as they are too modern for the period in which I reenact. I’m giving them a quick go at the moment, by knitting one of my blanket squares with them, and so far, it is like knitting a dream! So light, so quiet! I might well be converted to bamboo needles!

Knitting Progress

I knit as a hobby, and I showed you the beginnings of a blanket I am making to take with me to university. So, here it is in its latest form!


(My own image)

I decided to take the badges off because I felt that it didn’t look right for the blanket. I am just going to focus on getting the blanket done.

In the meantime, my box of wool is becoming bigger! It has come to the point where I have actually re-rolled the wool into proper balls to fit more of them into the box!


(My own image)

Even now I might be running low on room in th  box, as I have shoved my needles in there as well.

I had best get knitting then!

My Other Hobby

I don’t just write and attempt cosplay, I also knit in my spare time. I have popped a photograph of my latest project, a blanket for the winter months. This is due to the fact that the university that I am hoping to get into will get chilly at that time of year, as the campus is right out in the open. I don’t want to fork out for heating, so am knitting this blanket. I like the width of it, I just need to get some length so it will cover my legs when it gets nippy. What colour wool to get next?


So, I might as well write this first post, now I’ve set up this brand new blog, all shiny and fresh, ready for the world to feast upon it.

Shall I put the kettle on? I do like a nice cup of tea, I do. Oh, and a wonderfully warm blanket, and a packet of custard creams. I ate a whole packet to myself once, whilst watching Miranda (oh, naughty!)

What am I chatting? Seriously, I haven’t even introduced myself yet! How bad, I ought to get on with it, I suppose.

I’m HJ Street, well, I am to those who follow my writing (or, in the past few months, lack of it) on places such as Wattpad and Deviantart. But to my loved ones, I’m simply Heidi. Plain old Heidi. Must try and get them to call me HJ, like TJ, but cooler. And I’m a writer, just one that needs a good old kick up the backside to get back to pen and paper.

I mean, me and my lovely fiancé were talking about it only the other day, after coming back home from London (engagement present from his lovely parents, we went to see a show at the theatre, then the next day we spent the afternoon in Convent Gardens). I said that I wasn’t sure about what to write.

HJ: I’m stuck! I ought to write something!

J: What about that novel you started?

HJ: Which one?

J: You know, the one set in the First World War?

HJ: Nah, too much in the way of historical research. It’s bad enough that I’m up to my neck in Tudor research for work, but WWI is taking the biscuit ever so slightly…

J: Alright… What about that fantasy novel sequel, you know, the one after the one you finished when you got with me?

HJ: Doesn’t feel right

J: The Arthur one?

HJ: Not sure. I like the character, I just haven’t a clue what to do with him…

J: Well, what else can I suggest?

HJ: Not much…

He gave up soon after that! He does try though, bless him.

My mind has drifted to the Fem Doctor Who cosplay that I am planning to attempt. I’ve figured I’ll start with #9’s, as I have a black skirt and green top. Just have to get hold of shoes and leather jacket and will be sorted. I am determined to go to Eurogamer in this get up, even though my fiancé would much rather I went as a companion. Yet, I am a feminist, and don’t want to look up to that ideal, so have sweetly, but bluntly refused. But Eurogamer will be good. I do like gaming, I have my own Xbox Live account, and I enjoy FPS (first person shooters) like Left 4 Dead and Halo, although Red Dead Redemption is pretty awesome for a third person shooter.

And then I look at the blanket I’m knitting for myself for the cold nights at university. I’ll be in an area that’s pretty cold, so am planning well ahead. I doubt it’ll be finished by September though, I’ve a long way to go. The mother in law does ask me all the time if I can crochet, but I can’t, I might be good, but I’m not that good!

Goodness, is my Mac really that low on battery? Crumbs, had better say goodbye!

Until Next Time,