Weekly Catch Up!

So, I haven’t done a proper catch up post in a while, but I shall make sure I do one every Sunday.

Anyways, this was my first full week of lectures and seminars, the lectures were all introductory, whilst the seminars were a lot more enjoyable. I haven’t actually started my assignments yet, because my brain turns to mush post lectures and therefore means that I have to do something completely unrelated to bring my mind back to the real world. And by the time that happens, it’s three in the morning, and I really ought to go to bed. I need to get into the swing of things so bad. 

I also had a job interview! I had signed up to do bar work at the local rugby club, and they had asked me to attend a recruitment night, which I assumed to be formal and all interview-like. So, with my paperwork in hand, I headed off to the rugby club, filled out a few forms, and was offered the job, which I start on Thursday! Whoop! I’m finally employed, which is very exciting, as I’ve never actually worked for a wage! I mean, the museum did offer me a job, but I would of been unable to accept it as I was to hand in my notice that same week, which kind of sucked. 

Besides, I’m getting busy with the Comedy Society! I missed the bus to go earlier, to be on time, but now I’m going to be late.I guess I need to pay more attention to bus timetables. But there is Oxjam in a couple of weeks, so I really need to get some material together for my (gulp) first stand up performance. I’m nervous, but I’m sure it’ll be all worth it.

The past few days I’ve had fresher’s flu, so I’ve spent most of my weekend in my pajamas feeling sorry for myself. I’m feeling a bit better now I’ve had some rest, and tomorrow I have a meeting with my university mentor, and I need to drop in a form to work, followed by a hunt for suitable shoes for my shift.

Until then…



Ah, yes, it’s finally Friday. Sorry about awful title, but couldn’t resist.

Anyways, Friday is always the day of the week where I tend to be at my most busy, as it is the day of the week where I am either off to Josh’s, or off to a camp. This weekend is the former, although it is two weeks to go until the final event of the season is here, well, the final one involving tents and sleeping bags (Fred ought to be thrilled, he hates camping!). The event after it is the Jane Austen Festival, which is a one day event, as we have been invited to join in the Promanading Parade that takes place. I’ve never attended the festival before, even as an everyday tourist, let alone as a reenactor, so I am rather excited to immerse myselfbin everything Jane. But I am going off on a tangent like I have the habit of doing.

Today I also have an interview for Radio Haslar, which I will be attending this afternoon. After lunch, I will be daubing on my warpaint, and making sure that everything is together before I set off, as I will be going straight from the interview into Portchester, depending on the time. The interview is to see whether I am suitable for the volunteer DJ job (basically presenting the show and playing music). I’m being quietly confident with this, as I know I can talk for Britain, and have a media qualification, so it shouldn’t be  difficult, as I know that I interview rather well. That said, Josh will be helping me update my CV and to print it off so I can pop into Portsmouth, as there is a job going in Topman, the male version of Topshop. Nervous? Maybe. But I need the job, and I need the money!

Am working on shop duties this weekend, so have picked up a sensible pair of shoes to wear. I also need to report my ID and fob missing, as I dropped it the other day whilst walking into town and haven’t seen it since…

Such fun.