Half Term!

So, tomorrow heralds the start of the final Half Term break of this academic year! For those who are non-UK, half terms are random weeks that we school/college students get off, where we get the entire week off to do as we please before going back to education the week after. This is why we don’t have longer school holidays like in the US. But I digress. 

After this week off, I only have to go into college for one final 9-4 day of classes, and then I sign out of college forever! This is why this half term for me is actually a lot more special. It’s also because when I go to university, I will never have a half term ever again, as universities set up their own holidays rather than linking to the way the government organises this time. It does mean I’ll get longer breaks though, such as longer Christmas and Spring break. 

So, you must be wondering about what I’ll be getting up to, what I shall be doing with this final half term? 

This past weekend I’ve had off of work, as the museum opens to the public museum, so I’ve been vegging in front of Jeremy Kyle and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Hopefully I should get my hair dyed (I have my usual dye and some bleach for the fringe) Tomorrow will be an early start, 5am to be precise, as I am (with Josh’s help) selling a load of my stuff at the local car boot sale, and will then write up the Geeky Feminist post (Doctor Who, very cool). Tuesday is one of the days I’m on shift, so from 9 to 5 I’ll be at the museum, then I’ll be going back home. I believe that I’ll be popping into Southampton on either Wednesday or Thursday, as I would like to get hold of some D&D dice (I need my friend to send me the DM guides) as well as to have a look into a nice dress for Thursday and Friday. Thursday evening is the opening ceremony for the museum, which I have been invited to, along with the other volunteers and staff members, which is exciting. I’ve also been asked to take notes so I can write a ‘dummy’ blog post for a potential Mary Rose blog, so that will be nice. I’ll probably spend my spare time studying, as well as making sure I can attend the open audition for ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ at the theatre near the museum. I do have my dossier to still do, as well as some essays for three different lecturers. I will have to make sure that everything gets done before 3rd June, when everything is due in, before I sign out on 5th June. Friday is the work do to celebrate the museum being open at last, which will be exciting. Then I’ll be working the opening weekend with the usual hours, and I bet it’ll be the busiest I’ll have ever worked. 

So, that’ll be my half term. 

If you’re having half term this week, what you doing? If you could have a whole week to yourself, what would you do with it?



It’s (Almost) Summer Time

So, now for a lovely frivolous post! 

I like writing random posts, I do it quite often on my spirituality blog, and thought it would be nice to do it here too. I mean, it’s nice to make friends with the writer behind the screen.Image

That was me at that fancy dress party that I mentioned in this week’s geeky feminist issue post. I know the neck is awful, but I was rushing to get the make up on, especially as I was a bit of an idiot and didn’t do a makeup test run prior to the event. I’ll have you know I was the only Elphaba there, everyone else went as Grease people!

Anyways, my time at college is almost up. It kinda hit me this morning as I sat there in class in a rather dejected manner. I edited the footage that I got for my FMP film yesterday, and made notes about what I need to have filmed tomorrow, for example, I accidentally missed out part of a sequence for a scene, which means that I will have to film that part tomorrow, which is a bit of a bugger, but hey to the ho. I will then spend the rest of this week editing everything until I am happy with it, before handing the project in on Friday. Then all I have to do is do all my coursework over half term (I am still behind on a serious amount of stuff, not the most ideal scenario) on top of going to work, and then I sign out officially after half term (for the US readers, in the UK we have ‘half terms’ where we get random weeks off, but it makes our proper academic holidays shorter. This only happens at schools and colleges though, universities don’t have that luck).

Then it’ll be SUMMER!

I remember saying to myself aged seventeen when I finally left school (I was pulled back a year because I switched schools three quarters of the way through Year 10, one of the most significant year groups of secondary school), that the summer following it would be the BEST summer I ever had. It was a long summer, ten weeks off! Ten weeks of doing naff all, apart from the occasional heartbreak when a guy dumped me because his parents hated me for some reason, and the various family trips that bored me to tears. I remember buying new stationary, a new backpack, new clothes. I was going to be a whole new person.

Nothing changed really. All that changed was the environment and the style of study, not to mention the classmates. The past two years have been great though, I met Josh, I figured out what I’m going to be doing with my life (sort of), I’ve got new life experiences, lots of great experiences that have helped shape me over the space of college education. 

I would have to say that this year was more eventful than last year. This is because I felt more confident to actually sign up for the SU, which I didn’t feel I could do the previous year as my foster mum didn’t approve of me doing anything outside my studies, which took me places. Literally. I got to go to York for a few days for the NUS Women’s Conference, which was awesome! I get to organise some wicked events, like on Wednesday, I’ll be hosting an Amnestea party in the college’s restaurant, which is pretty exciting, as we’ve never run an Amnesty International event before! 

And, after all that, it’ll be summer.

What on earth will I do with myself? 

For one thing, I’ll be writing. I’ll write this blog, as well as my usual writing. The only issue is that after I break up from college, I’ll have to blog from my Kindle Fire and write into notebooks, as I have to give this laptop I’m currently using back to the college as it was only on loan for the duration of the year, as my old laptop broke down. So you’ll have to bear with me on that one. I’ll also be knitting the blanket I’m making for university, it keeps my fingers busy. I’ll work on my cosplays, and will carry on working at the museum. I will hopefully go to London and other interesting places too this summer, but who knows? 

I guess I’ll have a lot of time to kill.