And Madness Ensues…

So, it is all kicking off!

I was speaking to my friend (an ex boyfriend), who is on a gap year doing various voluntary gigs in various countries around the world. He has his own blog chronicling the year ahead. Anyways, we occasionally catch up when he gets signal (he is currently in the Israeli/Syrian border at the moment) and time on the hostel computer, and we talked about university. He will be staying in Hampshire for university after the gap year, whilst I bugger off. I see why he doesn’t want to go straight into university, like me, but I wouldn’t survive a gap year, so kudos to him.

Talking to him today really made it sink in that in 1 month and 7 days today, I will be off to university. It’s nerve wracking, that for the first time, I will be in my own space, able to make my choices without someone breathing down my neck, although the inlaws said that if I’m struggling to just call them, which is lovely. But it is still a major life change. At least I’ve met a few people in the same halls, even the same flat as me, as well as one of my next door neighbours! Very exciting!

Yesterday we had Chinese to celebrate me and Josh getting into our respective universities, and I began my list of university items that I need to purchase. I filled a list of six A4 pages in a notebook of various items that I will need. I know where any extra money will be going in the next month or so…

I’ve got my DSA appointment on Thursday, handing in my notice to Mary Rose on Tuesday and will end up spending any money left over from the rent on some useful university items.

Such fun.