Heidi Plays…

I’ve decided to delve into the world of gaming blogging, as I seem to game a lot, and not use this to my writing portfolio advantage!

And this blog is called ‘Geeky Scribbles’, and gaming blog posts are pretty geeky, right?

I’m going to call the series ‘Heidi Plays…’ and blog about me playing different games, be it on the PC, consoles past and present, and talk about future gaming conventions that I attend (as I do attend a few now, with Matt).

And of course, I’m going to start the series with…

The Sims 4!


Of course I am! I know I play this game quite a lot, so I’m going to create a new Sim, just for the blog! The initial Sims 4 Play blog series will cover the life of this Sim, as I can’t afford to buy capture software to Youtube my play.

One day…

So, stay tuned for the first post later on today!

That’s after this little competion I’m setting up!

Yes, you can Name A Sim!

All I’m going to say is that I’m going to create a female Sim.

What I’d love for you to do is to Suggest a Name, both first and last name. Either comment below, or go on my Twitter and Facebook, both Geeky Scribbles, and I’ll pick a winner!

The prize is a packet of sweets of your choice, and a shout-out here on the blog, as well as the Sim being named the winning name of choice!

Closing today at 4pm!

Get Cracking!


How to Write a Novel in 30 Days #2

Day #2…

Not at all as successful as yesterday. It’s mostly my fault, so I shall hang my head in shame, knowing that I have to write double what I need to do tomorrow in order to get myself back on track.

Last night was the night the brand new Sims 4 expansion came out on midnight release. I’d preordered the game, and was sat staring at my laptop in anticipation, ready to spend the night gaming in the virtual world where I am the creator of the universe.


I played until nearly 4am.

It’s a very addictive thing, Sims 4. Especially when you can now go with them to their workplace and wreck havoc on their working lives as well as their social and personal lives…

After noticing that I’d spent all night waiting and gaming, I reluctantly shut everything down, and trotted up to bed. Four hours later, my aunt was giving me the wakeup call that I’ve asked her to give me each day I’m in Portsmouth to ensure I get some writing done, I could barely open my eyes, or grunt much of a response. She popped my cup of tea on the side, and went off to her driving test (she passed, by the way, so congratulations to you Auntie!) and then work.

And I didn’t actually get out of bed until 1pm. The time I’d agreed to pop over to my grandparent’s house for an afternoon trip to their favourite local pub…

It was safe to say that I was occupied all afternoon with catching up, eating icecream and teaching Nan how to download things onto her iPad, and how to use Facetime (she’ll be a silver surfer yet!).

After getting home and having some dinner, me and my aunt and uncle watched the Leader’s Debate on ITV, and ended up debating heavily on what we thought of the issues (mixed results about immigration, the NHS and young people in education, work and training). We ate cake, did a bit of Ancestry.com, then everyone went to bed.

Well, nearly everyone…

And that was when I realised, at 1am, that I haven’t written a single word. Not one. Great work Heidi, great work! I’m going to have to write an extra 1917 words on top of the usual 2000 target tomorrow, and I have only myself and my gaming/terrible sleeping habits to blame. Ah well, there is always the morning…

And the evening.

Auntie wants to go out for the day tomorrow, to watch a film and go for lunch. So it’s going to be a frantic day to juggle everything, but I’m sure I’ll manage!

I think…


Starting Word-Count = 2083

Target Word-Count of the Day = 2000

Word-Count Total = 2083

Total Words Written Today = 0

Minimum Word-Count Target for Tomorrow = 3917

E3 Vlog with @JoshE2810 and Friends;

So, have some fab news!

You might of heard me mentioning my fiance Josh a few times in passing on this blog.

He runs his own Youtube channel where he talks gaming. He has a few walkthroughs of a couple of games from when he bought a Roxio capturing system, but when he realised that the system doesn’t do what it needed to do, he had to put them on hold, although there are plans to make videos like that again in the foreseeable future when he can get hold of a better system that can live capture with voice.

But at the moment he does face to camera vlogs taking about gaming issues (I appreciated his girl gamer video) as well as life in general. He mentions me a lot, and I have featured as a bit character here and there.

But I have actually been invited, along with a few other guests, to talk about this year’s E3. The guys will be talking about the technical side of things, the consoles, the games. I, however, will be providing the actual issues that E3 brought to the table this year, mainly about feminism and the gaming industry, for the debate aide of things.

I’m yet to actually be able to confirm a date of when the video will be recorded/put online, but I will tweet about it when it’s ready to roll.

In the mean time, check Josh out on Youtube! Search JoshE2810 to check out what he gets up to.

Geeky Feminist Issue (Special Edition) – E3

So, E3, the highest gaming conference where games and consoles are revealed for the first time to a world wide audience.

So, how did it get the feminist juices going this time?

There was the incident between a male and female who were demonstrating an FPS game, where inappropriate ‘banter’ of a sexist nature was exchanged between them in front of the world and its media.

Then Feminist Frequency, a feminist gaming critic blog (I recommend it highly) noted that, as per usual, no games with strong, female protagonists were being shown in this year’s E3. The backlash she got for tweeting about it was just awful! Gamers (male, mostly) were making sexist and misogynistic comments, most too horrid for me to blog. Some also said that female protagonists just don’t sell.

That might well be true. But, do games with female protagonists get as high a budget as one lead by a male protagonist? Do they get as much marketing? I don’t think so. Okay, Lara Croft might be an acception, but only AFTER she’s been sexed up to kingdom come (2012’s incarnation is different in a way). So much for a woman to comment on something she feels isn’t right, in a world where having the right to speak their mind without being punished for it.

As for the ‘banter’ issue, all girls in the gamer hobby deal with this problem at some stage. I had a fourteen year old guy from America leer at me because I am female, trying to use violent sexual language to make me feel uncomfortable. I was lucky Josh was playing in the same party as me, and he told them where to shove it. I will jokily and playfully tease my male friends who I game with, but it never has or will turn sexual or violent, or even both at the same time, as we always show courtesy and respect to each other. And we expect it from everyone else we play with. It’s a two way street, I’m afraid.

Perhaps one day we will achieve equality in the world completely, and I mean that with men and women being equal in rights and responsibilities. But, for now, we can’t turn against each other, it simply isn’t right.

So, can we just be brothers and sisters in gaming, together?


Xbox One Reveal = My Opinion



(Picture from mashable.com)

So, Xbox One was announced the other day. I know this because my Facebook is crammed full of statuses about what my friends thought of the specs. It came to a point where my friends and I sat in the Student Union office yesterday and debated whether the new console is worth it to buy or not.

It turns out that although there are some pretty cool things about it (i.e you can use it to control live TV rather than just catch – up, and that you can use motions to control the screen) there are things about it that are not as great as they ought to be. 

Firstly, the major hang-up my friends had with it won’t be backwards compatible. This means that any Xbox or Xbox 360 games that we already own will be made redundant, meaning that we wouldn’t be able to play them on the new console. Boo. The other major hang-up is that the games have to be bought and played brand new, as if you want to unlock the game if you’ve bought it preowned or borrowed it, you’ll have to pay an extra fee in order to play the game on your console. This is also bad, as one of my friends explained, he said that with 360, if he can’t afford to buy the latest game, but someone owns it already, he can actually borrow it with no problems and then hand it back. With Xbox One, however, he would have to go round the friend’s house to play it, as he wouldn’t be able to afford to pay the extra fee to have it unlocked for his own console. BOO!

Quite a lot of gamers are college or university students, meaning that they can’t necessarily purchase all the latest games or gadgets straight away. It’s bad enough that Microsoft charge us to be online (what happened to good old wi-fi without the extra charge?) and now charge if you want to change your gamer tag (£8.99) but when you’re a student with a lower income, then you can’t afford all of this. So when they introduce all this other stuff, a lot of gamers will be sorely tempted to leave Xbox altogether and go off to PC, or Playstation (although I heard that Sony might start charging for their membership as well).

I like the Xbox One, don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty damn sweet, but when it comes to getting a fair deal, it’s not really doing it for me.

Geeky Feminist Series – Episode #1

feminist issue #1



So, I thought I’d start off this idea of tackling a geeky feminist issue every Monday with this little image that has been floating around my personal Facebook page.

It talks about the idea that when you’re playing a FPS (first person shooter) game on the PC or console, and you’re playing against the ‘fairer sex’, you mustn’t kill them, otherwise that counts as rape in the gaming world.

Let’s break my opinion down based on the points that the writer of this article (who is a woman, I must add) makes in the article.

1) Rape is an act that overpowers a woman, and you overpower a woman when killing her in the FPS game

Don’t men get raped/sexually molested too? Can’t men be overpowered, just like a woman? Murder and general killing of another person counts as overpowering in its own right, since when did rape come into the equation with the FPS?

2) The victim is usually blamed for the death in the FPS

Well, duh? We always wind someone up when they get killed, especially if they were being silly, thus getting them killed, regardless of gender, sexuality, faith, creed, age or experience (or, in my case, lack of it), but it’s all harmless (unless the death causes the team to lose, then it gets a bit harsher!)

3) It can have lasting effects, like rape to the female rape victim

Erm, it’s a game? Okay, I’m not saying that a rape victim has got it easy, I would hate to be in that scenario, but when a girl gets shot down in the FPS world, she isn’t going to be traumatised, just irritated, like any other gamer.

So, all in all, I think this article is basically badly thought out trollop. This article isn’t empowering us girls to pick up the controllers and take on the guys in what should be a fun and (mostly) harmless activity. If anything, it’s trying to warn us that if we don’t want to feel raped or molseted, then we mustn’t play FPS games.

And what a lousy world it would be if female gamers weren’t kicking the guy’s butts at Halo every once in a while.


So, I might as well write this first post, now I’ve set up this brand new blog, all shiny and fresh, ready for the world to feast upon it.

Shall I put the kettle on? I do like a nice cup of tea, I do. Oh, and a wonderfully warm blanket, and a packet of custard creams. I ate a whole packet to myself once, whilst watching Miranda (oh, naughty!)

What am I chatting? Seriously, I haven’t even introduced myself yet! How bad, I ought to get on with it, I suppose.

I’m HJ Street, well, I am to those who follow my writing (or, in the past few months, lack of it) on places such as Wattpad and Deviantart. But to my loved ones, I’m simply Heidi. Plain old Heidi. Must try and get them to call me HJ, like TJ, but cooler. And I’m a writer, just one that needs a good old kick up the backside to get back to pen and paper.

I mean, me and my lovely fiancé were talking about it only the other day, after coming back home from London (engagement present from his lovely parents, we went to see a show at the theatre, then the next day we spent the afternoon in Convent Gardens). I said that I wasn’t sure about what to write.

HJ: I’m stuck! I ought to write something!

J: What about that novel you started?

HJ: Which one?

J: You know, the one set in the First World War?

HJ: Nah, too much in the way of historical research. It’s bad enough that I’m up to my neck in Tudor research for work, but WWI is taking the biscuit ever so slightly…

J: Alright… What about that fantasy novel sequel, you know, the one after the one you finished when you got with me?

HJ: Doesn’t feel right

J: The Arthur one?

HJ: Not sure. I like the character, I just haven’t a clue what to do with him…

J: Well, what else can I suggest?

HJ: Not much…

He gave up soon after that! He does try though, bless him.

My mind has drifted to the Fem Doctor Who cosplay that I am planning to attempt. I’ve figured I’ll start with #9’s, as I have a black skirt and green top. Just have to get hold of shoes and leather jacket and will be sorted. I am determined to go to Eurogamer in this get up, even though my fiancé would much rather I went as a companion. Yet, I am a feminist, and don’t want to look up to that ideal, so have sweetly, but bluntly refused. But Eurogamer will be good. I do like gaming, I have my own Xbox Live account, and I enjoy FPS (first person shooters) like Left 4 Dead and Halo, although Red Dead Redemption is pretty awesome for a third person shooter.

And then I look at the blanket I’m knitting for myself for the cold nights at university. I’ll be in an area that’s pretty cold, so am planning well ahead. I doubt it’ll be finished by September though, I’ve a long way to go. The mother in law does ask me all the time if I can crochet, but I can’t, I might be good, but I’m not that good!

Goodness, is my Mac really that low on battery? Crumbs, had better say goodbye!

Until Next Time,