Here it is!

I’ve finally done it! Fred has been given his own blog! I’ve had the domain just lying there dead for a long time, when I attempted to be the Teenage Jane Austen (cringy, I know!). So I’ve tinkered with it for the majority of this evening…

And Voila!

There will be biweekly posts from Fred as he talks about various things from his own life,as his studies and his general goings on (he’s thrilled to be back home for Christmas!) as well as issues he wouldn’t mind voicing an opinion on (I hear that he does want to talk about why growing up can only be a problem!). It’s a project I’ve trialled here on Scribbles of a Geek, and they have proven to be very popular with you lot! 

Therefore, as a Christmas present to you all, I give you this brand new, shiny blog! Go follow it, support it and simply enjoy it!

Merry Christmas (eight days to go!)


World According to Fred – Living the High Life?

So, this week has been an interesting one. This is due to the fact that I’ve spent a lot of it on my own,as HJ has been spending her nights out and about, be it going out for sushi, the pub or helping to run a Poker Night in her kitchen whilst all dressed up in a pretty red dress and matching red lipstick, applied ever so carefully with a brush to achieve a rather seductive cupid’s bow effect. She told me there was this third year student who flirted with her until she coyly showed off her engagement ring, I said she shouldn’t really be flirting, or wearing sexy lipstick, but she sighed, and said that she wouldn’t ever cheat on Josh, she just likes to dress up to feel pretty and womanly. That’s a post for another time, but, meh. 

But I’ve spent my week by myself, enjoying some ‘me time’ whilst HJ has been busy…


I took a bath, which was very relaxing indeed, if I say so myself! That Snow Fairy shower gel HJ likes is actually not all that bad!


After all that soaking, I then wrapped myself up in some towels I found lying around. It was all very toasty, actually!


I got into my pajamas and decided that seeming as HJ had left her laptop logged in, that I would watch a film. No Day But Today!



It was soon time to wind down, so I grabbed one of the many books littered around HJ’s room, and started reading. Sophie’s Choice is the kind of novel I think HJ would like to write herself, when she’s not trying to convince people that perhaps I would suit a YA audience, or being convinced that she will never be as much of a genius as the lecturers she sees in her plenerary lectures (David Almond, who wrote Skellig, came in today, she said it was a wonderful talk, and she was sad that he didn’t have any copies of Skellig with him to buy). It made me cry at the end, which wore me out even more. 



When HJ got back from her Poker Night antics, she took this photo of me, as she thought I looked rather adorable. She only woke me when she crawled into bed and flicked off the bedside light. 

So, I’m living the high life! I must be really cool! In the meanwhile, I shall apply for a degree course, and I shall hopefully spend my time more productivly in the near future

The World According to Fred – University!



So sorry I haven’t really written on here for a while! You see, things have been ever so busy since the last post, and I’ve only really just settled in at this place. And now I’m having a flick through some of HJ’s reading list.

Anyways, university is an awful lot of fun! When HJ and all her flatmates are out and about, be it at lectures or out being sociable (HJ’s gotten so much more sociable since moving up here!), me and the others all go out and party! Well, we find other toys on the block (I didn’t think there would be that many of us, but there are!) and go into one of the kitchens where there is guaranteed to be beer and other drinks and snacks, because they often have parties. I’ve nursed a hangover or two, and it has served me right!

It’s so nice to see HJ having fun, I’ve met most of her flatmates during movie nights, where they all cram themselves onto the chairs in the kitchen, wrapped up in blankets and sipping hot chocolate, surrounding a laptop and fumbling around with the volume. We’re watching all the Harry Potter movies at the moment, as one of the girl’s on HJ’s floor has NEVER seen any of them (to be fair, neither have I), so everyone’s been catching her up, although last night they watched a comedy called This is The End, and one of the guys brought his television into the kitchen, which made it a much more wonderful experience! I do love HJ’s new flatmates, except for one of them. This is because I’ve met one of the meanest, annoying toys ever, and he owns him. I never liked the Basil Brush television show when HJ watched it as a girl, but I dislike the fellow in person. He’s just so RUDE! And his annoying laugh gives me a headache. I try to avoid Basil when I can, but I haven’t had much joy as of yet…

I’m considering enrolling myself onto a degree course, as I’ve spotted one of the other bears on this block who is actually studying for a degree, in English Literature, alongside their owner. It does look like hard work, but I think it’ll all be worth it in the end. I shall apply tomorrow morning, and see how it goes!

In the meanwhile, expect more of me! HJ actually is considering giving me a blog of my own rather than making me share hers! I’m rather excited!!!

Top Ten Confessions of a Writer

I saw and thought that I would do my own version of it, to take a break from actually writing something normal (like the diary I’m doing that is being a pain to copy and paste into this blooming blog for you all to read and enjoy), and give it a good go myself.

So, here goes, ten confessions from Yours Truly.

1. Sometimes I stare at a blank page and actually shake!

Yes, I do this when I am putting pressure on myself to get something down. I have several ideas a day, but can never seem to translate them onto paper unless I am given the time and the resources to do so. I believe today I’ve written more, creative wise, than I have all summer so far. Yay.

2. I NEED a mascot when writing…

I do love giving Fred a good cuddle whlist I am writing, as he helps me to ground myself, he’s in a sense my connection to the real world, and can help me come to when I need to for what ever reason.

3. I write better when I have sugary treats.

That was how I managed Crazar in three months at age 17. I always went to this coffee shop, and had a cake next to me, which I would take a big bite out of every time I finished a chapter. If that isn’t motivation, then I haven’t a clue what is!

4. I get wound up by my characters.

ARGH! Amelia in The Chronicles of Crazar, at least, at the start of the novel, was such a sap! In the business, she is what we would call a Mary Sue. When reading the book back, Amelia makes me cringe! Then she has her moody bit, before she gets a bit better, and is a lot better by the end of the book, although she still is very Mary Sue like. Doctor Samuel wound me up as well, as sometimes he would be so blooming cryptic with me!

5. Never ask me how the writing is getting along…

Seriously, if you value your life, you will not ask me how it’s going. I will bite your head off!

6. I find interviewing my characters useful.

There was a deviantart meme going around about character interviews, and my best friend Karl got me to do one about Baron Pendragon, who is my comic relief character, although he does have his dark moments. Seriously, that interview persuaded me to do a whole extra storyline with him and a secret love child… But I digress, the Baron will always be my favourite character that I have created.

7. If I am in a mood, it’s because I’m suffering from a nasty case of Writer’s Block

I swear it’s an illness, like flu, because it completely stops you from doing what you love, writing! I suffered from it greatly at college, with the screenplay assignments, and I’ve sworn to this day that I will only write the blooming things when blooming forced to (which will happen at university, as I am studying Creative Writing). Not to mention that most of the summer has been spent in suffering, thanks to this condition.

8. I have a character, but haven’t a clue where to put him…

I’ve had this character, Arthur Stone, in my life for the past year, he sits on my shoulder, asking me all the time whether I’ll write him into a story or not. I reply that I haven’t figured him out yet, although I have had sleepless nights where I’ve argued with him, and threatened to pass him onto someone else, which usually makes him be very still and quiet. He is adorably awkward and geeky, and wears a battered old tweed jacket, and looks like a young professor (he is 21). I’m sure an assignment at university might be the place for this fellow, but for the meantime we’ll be staying firm companions.

9. I prefer to have a Mr Editor

My ex boyfriend used to be my editor, but I sacked him (not that I was paying him), as he wasn’t replying quick enough any longer, not to mention that Josh didn’t like the fact that he was playing a role that meant being quite intimate with me and my mind/work, which he felt more inclined to do himself, even though he hates reading. Sigh…

10. I sometimes forgo sleep to get a big scene completed

I rememeber staying up into the small hours writing up the final battle scene in Crazar. It was a beautiful moment when I clicked the save button as Suzanna was defeated by Amelia. Huzzah!

So, these are my 10 confessions!

The World According To Fred #3 – Creativity

So, creativity. Something people tend to admire in pop stars, actors and other ‘celebrities’. Not that I think any of them have any creativity in them whatsoever. I mean, when was the last time Victoria Beckham decided to design a new scarf perfect for a teddy bear?

HJ finished my new scarf tonight, sat in front of yet another self inflicted viewing of the 1995 BBC rendition of Pride and Prejudice. She insisted that I posed for a photograph, which I obliged, just for all you lovely people…


I do believe it turned out rather nicely! I wish she would open her services to other teddy bears out there, she’d be quite the fashion guru! But she reminds me that there isn’t really a market for it, although she might knit a few more scarfs to sell at one of her reenactment events for a few pennies, and she is also considering making a few rag dolls to sell as well. I mentioned that if I wrote about this on here, she could get some commissions to get her started. She laughed, and said I could mention it if I wanted, but it would be unlikely that I would have any takers. Besides, she would need to get some supplies…

But what I mean to talk about is the fact that young people have to be creative these days in order to survive. The people I admire are ones who use theit skills and talents in order to make an extra living. One of HJ’s friends, Badger, does tattoo designs, and charges when someone uses them in a tattoo. I think it is genius, and HJ wants him to design one of her tattoos when she actually gets around to getting one done. People in HJ’s generation are drawing, designing tops and making music in order to make life work for them, and I have to say, best of luck to them.

In the meantime, I had better prod HJ to figure out her novel ideas/designs for her prototype doll…

The World According To Fred #2 – Camping

So, HJ loves camping. She will find any excuse to grab her gear and go to live in a field for a few days. HJ is a member of Scout Network, which, over here in England is a group for young people aged 18-25, male, female or otherwise who still want to continue scouting, without having to become a young leader unless they really want to. It’s basically Scouts for adults. HJ also, as you all know, is a reenactor, which she has only started recently. She will have a modern sleeping bag, and a modern pillow/blanket, but other than that, she lives as if she is from the year 1815, as a camp follower/sutler. As I’m modern (teddy bears like myself didn’t appear until Roosevelt) I don’t get to see HJ at work. But she has shown me photos of life on camp that she took for this blog, so I do get the general gist of what it’s all about.

But the subject of this week’s blog post is about the joys of actually camping. I’m a creature who likes my creature comforts. I like being in a nice warm house, with tea that boils right away when I want it to, with television and radio, not to mention the internet. I like the Xbox, and I like going to the wine cupboard with the other toys for a drink, especially with Hatch and Derpy. So when I see HJ bring out the camp bag and the sleeping bag, my heart sinks. It means a long journey, usually stuffed in a bag for ever and a day, and then, on arrival, being dumped into a tent whilst HJ runs off to either make herself useful or to find something to eat. And then I have to sit in a cold tent for ages, bored out of my wits. Usually HJ will turn off her Kindle and mobile phone to save battery power for the journey home, and I can’t stand her reading material. Gah! Then, night will draw in, and HJ will return to the tent, yawning as she fumbles with the wind up torch to light the inside of the tent. Then she will change into her pyjamas, and toss me aside whilst she wriggles for ages to get into her sleeping bag.

I hate sleeping bags. Seriously, you get squished, and you either fall out of the sleeping bag because you were not put in properly, or you end up slipping all the way to the foot of the sleeping bag, thus being trodden on and being practically suffocated. Then it all happens again the next night, right up until you finally pack up and go home.

The World According to Fred #1 – Summer

I like the summer. Especially when it’s hot, but breezy, with clear blue skys. Today I enjoyed a bit of a sunbathing session with HJ in the Gosport garden, whilst she did a bit of knitting and blogging.


I decided to pose with these lovely flowers that were on the table where HJ was knitting. They did smell rather lovely, even if they did make me sneeze (do bears get hay fever?). Perhaps I ought to start taking allergy tablets.

HJ is knitting me a brand new scarf, as my one that she knitted me last Christmas has started to look rather naff, I might be a teddy bear, but I like to look fresh and stylish! She has chosen some really cool rainbow wool that gives the finished article a tye dye like style. I can’t wait for it to be finished, I know that all the other toys are going to be rather jealous of me (they kind of are already, but that is besides the point) but HJ does joke that I must be one of the most spoilt teddy bears ever. I don’t think so, I just know what I want. Like I want most of the Build a Bear clothing range!


See, it looks rather nifty, doesn’t it?

We are back indoors now, as HJ has gotten sunburned on her shoulder and chest (silly girl) and is now sat on her bed rubbing aftersun lotions all over her angry, red skin. She says that the red ought to become a tan, but I know she never really tans, that actually, all she does is goes red, burns, and is usually white as a sheet again come September.


And now, for a ‘selfie’ of me and HJ. She tells me that these selfies are rather popular on the internet at the moment. Thank goodness I can’t do the duck face, that would be rather daft!

I do like summer, but today was a tad bit too hot for my liking. Why I couldn’t of just stayed inside, keeping cool is beyond me. HJ wants me to go with her to the beach at some point, hinting that some swim trunks might be mine if I do go. But I might pass on that if it is hot again. Besides, next week we are off to yet another one of HJ’s reenactment camps, and we’ll have to get two trains and the Tube, which I’ve done before, and didn’t really enjoy that.

I guess that concludes this week’s post. Next week I shall be talking about camping…

Summer Days

As it is a lovely day outside, I’ve decided to sit in the garden with my Kindle, knitting and the sun. Besides, I could do with a bit of sun on my legs, as my arms are catching a bit of a tan, whilst my legs look rather corpse like. I would appreciate a little bit of a healthy glow, but being dark with tan isn’t the plan.

I ought to sit with a notebook, but seeming as I’ve forked out nearly £10 for an app to edit documents on, I might as well just use that to start a bit of literary genius on. I can then email it to myself to get Josh to print off if I wanted to. I’ve also gotten halfway through another square for my uni blanket, though I might start knitting Fred a nice new scarf now his one from Christmas is beginning to look a bit stretched and ropey.

I’m also thinking about new ideas for this blog, to try and get a bit more readership. Perhaps I might give Fred a weekly post, so he can talk a little bit of wisdom in ‘How Fred Sees It’. I will also start doing more cosplay posts, and some better knitting project ideas. I want to do a bit more on the feminism and activism front, (I am a member of Amnesty International) as well as talk a bit more about autism. You know what, I might even chuck a bad joke or two in whilst I’m there!

For now, though, check out my outdoor desk set up!



So, I mentioned Fred briefly in this morning’s blog challenge post. So I decided that I would talk about him.

He’s pretty special, the one bear I could never have the heart to give away. I have has him since I was a little girl, and we’ve had adventures together, like the time we both went to York for the NUS Women’s Conference earlier this year, and when we visited Scotland for Josh’s uncle’s 40th birthday. We have been together through thick and thin, when boyfriends have come and gone, when I was waiting for my GCSE results, when family life got particularly tricky. He has been there during both my highest and lowest moments. Heck, he even went to London with Josh and I when we went to see Rent, and sat in the dressing rooms of several shows I’ve been involved in.

If I go to university, then Fred will come with me to sit by my side regardless of what happens. If my grades don’t get me there, then he’ll be there in my arms as I pace my bedroom figuring out what to do next. He sits in my lap when I am attempting to write or watch TV. I always knit him a new scarf a year, although I recon that he will want a new scarf if we go to university, a slightly vain bear he is.

I think he’s got a little personality of his own, to be honest. He’s wise, kind and intellectual. He likes his creature comforts, and often has to put up with odd sleeping arrangements when we go on adventures. He’ll probably have to come to camp with me this weekend, hiding during the day, snuggling up around the campfire under the stars at night.

Sometimes Josh says that Fred is spoiled more than he is by me. And, you know, perhaps he is right. There is a tad bit of rivalry between the two for my attention, simply because Josh is jealous of the attention and cuddles Fred gets, whilst Fred hates being kicked out of bed at night, his rightful place, in his opinion. Fred also wouldn’t want me to be hurt again, but deep down he knows that, although I am growing up (I’m 20 in October!) I will never leave him behind.

That’s friendship for you!


(Picture Courtesy of Georgia Edwards. Me and Fred)