Tomorrow, We Fly!

Well, in the early hours, anyways.

This past few days has been hectic! We have been packing, picking up supplies, tidying, cleaning and generally preparing for our week in the sun.

Sunday was great, because my father – in – law ran the London Marathon for Barnardo’s, a children’s charity for disadvantaged children around the world. I did want to go to London, but because I still haven’t got the hang of big crowds yet, I stayed home. But I was able to borrow Josh’s laptop to track the father – in – law’s progress, and he didn’t do too badly, actually!


Yesterday I went shopping with the sister in law, as I needed some swimwear and sandals. Luckily the summer ranges are just coming out, otherwise I would of had some problems.



I love the rainbow bikini, as it’s funky and quirky, and the orange flowered swimsuit has a cute skirt and tummy control, just so I can feel more confident on the beach or by the pool. The white one looked nice, but didn’t fit over my chest comfortably, so when I get back, I will be taking another trip to Portsmouth to take it back.


These sandals are brilliant for me, as I am so clumsy, I will trip up over the thinner soles. The current fashion for thick soles, has made me feel much more confident with walking around without scuffing the sandals, or doing my toes a mischief, which I do every summer.


I did attempt the traditional pout selfie on the way back, but obviously failed miserably, but it was fun to attempt. I know I’ll always be the goofy sister – in – law, but that is what I do best!


I also bought some nail polish, as I like having a pedicure and manicure when I get ready for holiday. It was three for two on Barry M products, and the gel polishes look similar to getting a shelliac manicure, and blue is a nice holiday colour, so I got three shades of blue, then did my manicure and pedicure after a full on bath. I couldn’t decide which one to go for, so I did all three in a running pattern, and they don’t look too bad, if I’m honest.


And the mother – in – law fixed my Kindle Fire, so I’ve been downloading a load of free ebooks onto it, so I’m excited to have some new things to curl up on the pool chair with. Mostly some classics on the public domain, like King Arthur, and Grimm’s Fairy Tales, as I might write a novel set in these domains for young people.

So, we leave here at 3am, and then will be getting a 6:30am flight to the sun and sand, very exciting! To be honest, I could seriously do with the holiday, if I’m honest, university has been very stressful, and I’ve been feeling awfully uninspired to write much for either the anthology or any university stuff. I am hoping that I can get some really good prose down so I can hand in most of the stuff for when I get back after Spring Break. But I guess  we shall have to wait and see!


Two Steps Forward – eBook for National Autistic Society

Two Steps Forward – eBook for National Autistic Society

So, for my Creative Project at university, me and a few other students got together to write a short anthology of stories and poems about the issues that people with autism/Asperger’s Syndrome face on a regular basis. All money raised will be going to The National Autistic Society, a wonderful group that raises awareness of these disabilities in the United Kingdom, as well as giving support to those affected by the disabilities, as well as friends, family, partners and professionals.

Please check this out, and maybe even purchase it?

I’m very proud of the two flash fiction pieces I included in the anthology, although I was gutted that I wasn’t able to add more to it. Thanks to my fellow authors for helping make this happen, and thank you, especially if you purchase the book, and leave a cheeky review behind for feedback.


Can you guys help?

My university course requires a group project as part of the core module. We’ve been writing a prose and poetry anthology on issues that Autistic people face daily. We need more material, which will be published into an ebook on Amazon. So, inbox me on Facebook (the link to the page is on this blog) or email me at if you think you have something which would be relevant to contribute!