The Summer Journal

As you all are aware, I will have finally left college as of the end of the day.

Every summer I try to write a journal to talk about my experiences of the holiday. It gives me some routine, as I will always write the entry at the same sort of time each day. One thing that I as an awkward human being can’t stand (blame the Autism for this) the summer, because my routine is completly broken down to the point where there is no routine, which causes me a lot of stress and annoyance. So this journal helps me keep some form of normality during the terribly long summer break.

I didn’t keep one last year because I was really busy, and because it wasn’t a life changing one. However, the one that I kept during the summer between my GCSEs and the start of college was one that was highly important. I still have that summer journal actually. I cringe when I read it, because the sixteen year old me wa sa heck of a lot more naieve than the me of the now. I wonder what I’ll think of my nineteen year old self in a few years time when I read this year, the year between college and either university or plan B.