The Attack of the Cold!

So, the week so far has been unusual to say the least.

Saturday night I went to the pub with Matt to watch a jive band, with the plan to stay over one night and go home the next day…

But overnight, I was struck down by one of the worst colds known to mankind! I was sleepy, foggy, bunged up and sluggish. I was hot and bothered, and felt absolutely rotten. The last cold I had on that level of bad was back in December when I lost my voice and had to still perform in the Idle Playthings Nativity. I didn’t lose my voice this time, but I spent three days on the sofa, playing with Mabel the cat, and drinking a lot of tea.

The best part, though, was the fact that I got to spend a lot more time with Matt. Even though I was feeling really bad, I could still play endless Rayman Origins, eat many slices of cake, go for pub lunches and seek out alpaca fields. He even showed me the Book Exchange that lives in an old red phone box!

So, I’ve not really done very much in the way of writing or studying, as I’ve been missing study sessions and focusing on trying to get well enough to produce my best writing. I was dropped off back to university this afternoon, so as of tomorrow I’m back onto the writing desk, and starting more intense work on my Independent Project challenge!

In the mean-time, shout out to Lara, from Postcrossing, who sent me a lovely postcard after receiving one from me! I’ll write back in due course, now I’m back at my desk!

My Other Hobby

I don’t just write and attempt cosplay, I also knit in my spare time. I have popped a photograph of my latest project, a blanket for the winter months. This is due to the fact that the university that I am hoping to get into will get chilly at that time of year, as the campus is right out in the open. I don’t want to fork out for heating, so am knitting this blanket. I like the width of it, I just need to get some length so it will cover my legs when it gets nippy. What colour wool to get next?