The Attack of the Cold!

So, the week so far has been unusual to say the least.

Saturday night I went to the pub with Matt to watch a jive band, with the plan to stay over one night and go home the next day…

But overnight, I was struck down by one of the worst colds known to mankind! I was sleepy, foggy, bunged up and sluggish. I was hot and bothered, and felt absolutely rotten. The last cold I had on that level of bad was back in December when I lost my voice and had to still perform in the Idle Playthings Nativity. I didn’t lose my voice this time, but I spent three days on the sofa, playing with Mabel the cat, and drinking a lot of tea.

The best part, though, was the fact that I got to spend a lot more time with Matt. Even though I was feeling really bad, I could still play endless Rayman Origins, eat many slices of cake, go for pub lunches and seek out alpaca fields. He even showed me the Book Exchange that lives in an old red phone box!

So, I’ve not really done very much in the way of writing or studying, as I’ve been missing study sessions and focusing on trying to get well enough to produce my best writing. I was dropped off back to university this afternoon, so as of tomorrow I’m back onto the writing desk, and starting more intense work on my Independent Project challenge!

In the mean-time, shout out to Lara, from Postcrossing, who sent me a lovely postcard after receiving one from me! I’ll write back in due course, now I’m back at my desk!


Carpri Diem!

It’s been quite some time since I wrote that last post, and I’m so sorry about not keeping this blog as updated as I ought to. A lot has happened in a little while, and I just haven’t given myself the time to write!

Anyway, summer has well and truly kicked off! All of my friends have moved off campus now, and I’ve been given the keys to my new studio flat! I’m sat in it at the moment, writing this. I started moving some bits and pieces over yesterday evening, and slept here for the first time last night. I have my own kitchen, bathroom, dining room, my bed is in the corner of the kitchen, along with my wardrobe, and my desk is in a lovely little conservatory section, which I love when it’s sunnier (the rain has kicked off today, sadly).

Update on the guy, we’re actually now together, as a proper couple! I even met his father the other week, and I’ve been given the thumbs up, apparently! Next week we’ll have been together for two months, scary how the time flies! I’ve never met someone so supportive and understanding about me and my issues, and I often have him behind me every step of the way when I embark on new projects, go off to places and generally follow my dreams. It’s lovely, I feel beautiful when I’m with him, and it’s wonderful.

All my coursework is finally complete! All I have to do now is print the last bits off, which I’ll do today, and hand them into the registrar’s office, then I can sit back, and wait for my grades, which I’ll get in September before the new academic year starts. Yikes! As long as I pass, then it’ll be ok, I’ll be aiming higher next year!

Speaking of university, my job as Careleaver Liberation Rep starts properly as of now! Clearing is happening, and young people across the country are finding out if they got into their university of choice. Careleavers are doing this too, and I remember opening my results letter telling me I got into my university, and wondering ‘how is this going to work out?’. So I’ll be on Twitter today, with the hashtag #careleaverlibrep to answer any questions about leaving care and starting up at university as a careleaver. Exciting time to be had by all!

So, on top of everything else, I’ve helped out with the development of an app for careleavers to assist with pathway plans, education/work/training and identity. It’ll be promoted during Careleaver Week, in October half term, so I’ll be promoting it to my students, as well as you guys. Just because you grew up in care, it doesn’t mean that you’re society’s offcast. You still have so much to offer! I promise!

I’ve also started work on a WWI novel for young people, so am hoping to have the first draft completed by the end of the year. In the meantime, I should really start moving some more stuff over…

Shiz Just Got Real…

Packed up my locker at work today. This was a bitter sweet moment in my life where I am excited to be leaving there in order to find better things (like hopefully a paid job!). Yet I also feel a little bit sad to think that all I have to show for five months of volunteering there is this…


That is just a tad bit depressing. Oh well, another box of stuff to go through. There was a bit of a row between Josh and I, as he wants me to start looking for a job at university right this minute, and throw out most of my things. I however, want to make the most of the university jobshop so I find a shift that suits my hours of study. I also am determined to keep all my books. Especially the books.

So, I’ve got just one whole weekend, a Tuesday and a Saturday left at work. Not that I mind much, I can’t wait to get out of there!

Knitting Progress

I knit as a hobby, and I showed you the beginnings of a blanket I am making to take with me to university. So, here it is in its latest form!


(My own image)

I decided to take the badges off because I felt that it didn’t look right for the blanket. I am just going to focus on getting the blanket done.

In the meantime, my box of wool is becoming bigger! It has come to the point where I have actually re-rolled the wool into proper balls to fit more of them into the box!


(My own image)

Even now I might be running low on room in th  box, as I have shoved my needles in there as well.

I had best get knitting then!