La Vi Boheme – Promotional Post

It’s not all that often that I promote any WIP, but I feel the need to create a stir, get my blog readers, and my friends properly excited about my first proper anthology! I’m really excited about putting it together, even though it’s been happening in stops and starts due to the fact that I am away on Spring Break, and that I’ve had to start sorting out my university work.

But I have decided that as it won’t be long until the Big Day of Publication, that I really ought to start promoting it now.

La Vi Boheme will be based around the themes of bohemia, rebellion, growing up and becoming a writer, with most of the work I have done for my first year of university being featured, a mix of mainstream and experimental prose and poetry. Most of the work is already featured on my Deviantart page (although I’m not going to tell you straight away which pieces are going in) and there will also be some exclusive work written especially for the anthology! Very exciting stuff!

So, when is this being published?


2ND MAY 2014!

Yes, you heard that right, 2nd May 2014, at around 4pm!

I’ll be writing weekly updates of the progress of La Vi Boheme, and might even have a competition or two… Yes, you heard that right, a competition. But I need to decide how I’ll work that out first, before properly announcing that!

So, keep a good eye out on this here blog for the updates, I’ll also be publishing a link to when the book is on sale!



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