Spring Break Is HERE!

So, I’m home for Spring Break!

It has been a long couple of weeks, with battling deadlines (I lost, but mitigated circumstances have become my best friends), dealing with some rocky stuff with ‘friends’ and losing, and then finding myself along the way, but now I’m back in Hampshire.

I got the train to Fareham in the afternoon, after all my usual meetings, (my mentor got me coffee so I’d attempt to work), and got back home in time for tea. So it was a quiet one watching telly and cuddling the cat.

Yesterday me and Josh took my sister in law out for coffee, which was nice, and even though they didn’t have prawns, I did enjoy a tuna salad, and then we wandered around the charity shops.

And today, I’m sat in front of the telly, enjoying coffee and cuddling with our cat.

20140412-060900 pm.jpg

I’m trying to relax as much as I can, whilst catching up with my prose writing and edit some poetry. But, that said, only a few days to go until holiday! I need to get some sandals, a couple of new swim suits (one piece or two, I can’t decide), and I might purchase some reading material for by the pool…

The endless possibilities…

But that’s for Monday, and I’ll be catching up with my carer, and my housemate, so that should be good 🙂

In the meantime, perhaps some plans for writing might be good…


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