On Speech Recognition Software…

So, I had my IT training today, and it really helped me to learn how to use the speech recognition software that DSA provided for me. Because we went through a lot of exercises to get me used to talking to the software, I decided to write tonight’s post only using the software.


It is a very surreal experience not to type, but instead to speak and have the words appear on the screen as if by magic! I feel little bit self-conscious simply because it is a whole new way of working, as I have to think through what I am saying before I decide to say it. That said it will probably help me to just write and not worry about saying things wrong or in a way that doesn’t feel natural to me as a person. I do wonder if someone will walk past my room and think I am mad because I’m talking and there is an anyone replying because I’m talking to the computer. It is a funny thought, because people think I’m mad already, I’m very eccentric and I often get away with doing crazy things because of who I am as a person. I will admit that I do have the long conversations with myself, and have done ever since I was a child, simply because I felt that sometimes only I could really understand myself, as the saying goes “sometimes the only sane conversation that you can have is with yourself”.

As I practice talking into the software I’m getting more confident with what the software can do. I know that it will make my life a lot easier, because I really do struggle with articulating myself, especially when writing assignments of an academic nature. I hope this will therefore make English literature are a lot more bearable to do as I find that I find it easier to articulate myself when talking to someone about a text rather than having to write what I want to say down; talking the essay that I need to write will be a lot easier than having to simply think and type it out. It will also help my creative work too, because I can think about whole piece of work sounds as I say it, so when I read it back, I know that it is a natural piece that will be easier for me to read aloud from if I so choose to do so.

When the IT Trainer with here, he wanted me to tell a story, to get me used to writing creative pieces using the software rather than just simply typing them. It did feel very bizarre at first, but as I got into it it felt a lot freer, it felt like I could just run away with it and just say it and then go back later to correct things that the software misheard, as well as take things out, and also to add other things in. I need to start practising using the software more, because I know that it will also help me to concentrate on my work especially if I have to talk it rather than just simply write it, it will help me stay on task as well is taking away some of the other pressures that I struggle with when doing my work, for example with my spelling.

I often struggle to spell certain words such as “definitely” and “February”. This is where the software will come in really handy, as the computer will already know how these words are spelt, and will therefore write the word for me so I don’t have to stress that my work will be littered with terrible spelling mistakes.

I still have a poster on my wall for me to refer to if I forget certain commands, such as “Go to sleep” or “scratch that”, as they are ones that I use less often, I tend to use quite a lot of the punctuation commands as it saves me a lot of time later as I don’t have to go back and add the punctuation in later.

So tomorrow I am probably going to practice using the software more, and try and write some short fiction or poem in order to boost my word count for work that I need to hand into university, as I need to get my butt in gear and actually do some serious writing. I do hope that you are buying the anthology that went up on Amazon the other day, as all funds raised by the sales of the book will go to the National Autistic Society, a charity that is very close to my heart. In the meantime I hope you have a lovely evening (or day if you are reading this in America or Australia), I had a wonderful time writing this blog today, as it is really helped me learn how to use the software.


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