Happy Post-Pancake Day!

So, yesterday was one of the best days of the year! 

For the past two years running, I haven’t had pancakes, as by the time I’d commute from college back home, my housemate would of simply devoured them all and left none for me at all. So this year I knew that I’d simply have to have pancakes!

I managed to persuade my friends to let me make them pancakes, and it was all very exciting! I had to make the Gluten Free ones first so I wouldn’t make my friend ill, and they turned out a bit odd, although he said they were yummy (I tried a bit, I might only add one egg as it becomes very eggy). I then made the normal ones. They turned out to be a lot more like American pancakes than the traditional crepe pancakes we know and love in England, but they still looked, smelled and tasted amazing! 

I drizzled mine with honey, and also made lemon and sugar ones (I discovered the food theif in our kitchen nicked my Nutella, even though it’s common knowledge that I stick my fingers in the jar and lick them). It was a very fun experience, and something I’d do again, especially if my friend does all the washing up! 



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