Happy Valentine’s Day!

To all my lovely readers, followers and fellow bloggers, I would like to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

This year I bought a lovely card for Josh, and scribbled in a quick poem, and it’s waiting for him to open it tomorrow before he goes off to university for the day. I’ll be spending my morning chilling out with the internet and my thoughts, before meeting up with Josh for the afternoon. He has his drama group in the evening, so I’m going to treat myself to some self – love, eat ice cream and read a book whilst tucked into the bed with classical music playing in the background… Bliss.

In the meantime though, I’m going to give you a gift, by revealing some exclusive work of mine, only shared on dA currently, of my work in poetry. In this poem, I am replying to the question O Tell Me The Truth About Love , which was asked by W.H. Aulden, a question I tried to answer aged fourteen, then seventeen, and now at twenty, after reworking it in a poetry workshop at university, I now feel I can properly answer it. Enjoy!

To Tell the Truth About Love

A great poet once exclaimed
‘O Tell me the Truth About Love!’
So, many years later
I thought I’d tell both you, and him
The Truth about Love

It’s more like a pain in the arse
Than smooth around the edges
It starts off smelling sweet,
like lavender
But soon turns musty
like an old book, or an old lady’s lounge

It doesn’t really have a sound
Rather, it chooses golden silence
Just because it likes to be such an awkward bugger

Because it is silent
It comes without much warning
And it especially likes to come
Just at that moment when it’s most inconvenient
And it will alter your life forever

To tell you the Truth about Love


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