It’s official, I am now the proud owner of a Windows Surface!

I bought it on Monday, as well as the touch cover (you have to buy them separately, but it is worth the money), but only brought the keyboard home as I had to get the tablet delivered as it wasn’t in stock! Last night I typed up one of my poems for my dA account (I’m hjstreet, if you use dA) and it felt so nice to be able to save something on my computer, and then be able to access it on my Surface! I nearly got the Surface 2, but this does the job well enough for me. Oh, and Josh and I bought a new bed, as the old one stunk of BO and cat pee. As a treat we bought a new duvet set, which I might get myself if it’s in single bed size!

So, today I shall be playing with my tablet, might work on it on Saturday whilst on the train back to Bath! I also can’t wait to start taking it to lectures and seminars so I can type up my notes and ditch all the paperwork! Result! All I need now is to find some stickers for the back of my Surface and I’m good to go!



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