It’s Been a Long Week!

I’ve never been so glad for a week to be over!

It’s a really stressful at university at the moment, as I’ve got so much work to catch up on now I have my laptop back, and the Pagan Society I’ve rebooted is finally taking off, giving me even more work to get going on. Don’t get me wrong, I adore being busy more than anything, and I love helping others, especially if it’s an activity I love as well, like the fact I now volunteer in the local charity bookshop in town. I often come out with more books than I can either carry or afford, as a treat, and I really adore filling my room with all the books I can fit into it. I also grab a Krispy Creme treat on my way back home to say a ‘well done’ to myself for the day.

But this has been the most stressful week, because I’ve been set another two assignments on top of the ones I already have to catch up on, Pagan Society has gotten hectic and on top of that, I’ve just had my sleep medication changed and my Irlen Syndrome stuff is being sorted. And my ADHD stuff is being dealt with so it won’t be much longer until I get my assessment done and dusted. 

It’s also been frustrating as I’m struggling to motivate myself to do what I’m at university to do, which is write. I’ve written a few poems which have actually been praised by lecturers, so maybe my poetry isn’t as bad as I thought it was. But I haven’t written much in the way of stories, and the geisha novel has had a nose dive as there isn’t enough information for my liking for me to ensure the accuracy of the story. I reckon it is something I can work on when I’m a lot older, and have the skills that are required to write such a detailed world of fiction. 





So, whilst I sit in the living room back in Hampshire, attempting to write both coursework and general literature, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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