I’ve Dreamt of a White Christmas

It’s Boxing Day, at last. I’m not saying that I dislike the big day, I love Christmas. It was just a very long day, packed full of business.

Josh got in from his midnight shift, and we went to bed. The inlaws popped their heads round the door when it was light to wish us a merry Christmas, before we went downstairs to open all the presents. My gift bag from Father Christmas was filled with bits and pieces, Josh got me socks, and my sister in law gave me a Chinese tea set and various herbal teas.

We had bacon rolls and then showered, dressed, and then got ready to go off to the aunt’s for the rest of the day. Everyone came over for Christmas lunch which was very nice. Then we had the Christmas quiz my father in law prepared for us, which was rather interesting. People came and went, and I ate great food and drank lovely wine. My grandparents in law gave me money and  my aunt, uncle and cousins in law gave me a bag of Lush goodies!

Josh and I went home after a little while, as we wanted to watch some Doctor Who. Now, I won’t give any spoilers, but the regeneration put a lump to my throat, and a tear to my eye. Also, the introduction of Capaldi wasn’t what I was expecting really. I watched a bit of Paul O Grady’s For the Love of Dogs Christmas special and Mrs Brown’s Boys before making some jasmine tea and heading to bed after a long busy day.

I was settling down when the mother in law comes in, and tells me about this deal for a DSLR camera, something I’ve hankered for since I started college. Josh agreed he would contribute towards the cost with the money he would of taken me shopping with, and I paid for the rest out of my savings. So that’s been ordered and that’s going to hopefully be delivered to the shop on Monday! I’m very excited, as I can use photography as part of my writing! It’s the best treat ever! I’ll let you know when I’ve got hold of it, and taken some trial shots! Very exciting stuff!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Dreamt of a White Christmas

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Heidi. Mine was great too, but the only thing missing was snow. It was rather warm for late December, actually. I hope you don’t have floods where you live; what I saw on the news was absolutely horrible.
    I have received a book stand as a present from my mother and I’m so happy! 🙂 It’s that kind of a stand that holds your book in place so it doesn’t close as you read.
    Happy holidays.

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