Here it is!

I’ve finally done it! Fred has been given his own blog! I’ve had the domain just lying there dead for a long time, when I attempted to be the Teenage Jane Austen (cringy, I know!). So I’ve tinkered with it for the majority of this evening…

And Voila!

There will be biweekly posts from Fred as he talks about various things from his own life,as his studies and his general goings on (he’s thrilled to be back home for Christmas!) as well as issues he wouldn’t mind voicing an opinion on (I hear that he does want to talk about why growing up can only be a problem!). It’s a project I’ve trialled here on Scribbles of a Geek, and they have proven to be very popular with you lot! 

Therefore, as a Christmas present to you all, I give you this brand new, shiny blog! Go follow it, support it and simply enjoy it!

Merry Christmas (eight days to go!)


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