Movember 2013!

Today was a day of moustache wonder, as I helped to make the Movember Party at the SU, and raise money for research into male cancers (prostate and testicular). I’m a member of The Idle Playthings, and when I’m not running around trying to be a writer, I’m stood in a room with other, funnier people, trying to be funny. But when we decided to do Movember, I got excited! I love charity events, because you’re having a great time, and raising funds and awareness for a good cause (in this case, saving all prostates and testicles from cancer) 

Movember is basically when guys ditch the razors, and grow moustaches in order to raise money to fund research for the treatments and hopefully cures to cancer in the prostate (a guy’s gspot apparently, also vital for sperm production) and the testicles (I don’t need to explain this bit really, do I?). Girls take part by becoming ‘Mo Sistas’, encouraging the guys and helping to organise and run events to raise even more money for the cause.

So what did I do for Movember?




And After...

I don my own eyeliner moustache, and take part in a sketch involvubg arresting guys who are unable to grow a moustache for Movember. It was such fun, I must say, but I am glad to have removed the moustache.

Lots of comedy and musical merriment took place (I did love the talking moustache!) And fun was had by all. I don’t know how much we raised, but that will be something we find out next week…

So, did any of you lovely folk take part in the moustache fun? If nit, would you do this next year?


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