The World According To Fred – Playing Doctor!


Looking after my HJ!

HJ’s got a headache and is now sneezing a lot, so she has had a very small glass of weak wine and is settling down for an early night. I think its the stress of university getting her down, as she spends quite a lot of time stressing about lectures and assignments. She always says that she really struggles to pay any attention, even if the subject or the lecturer is interesting.

I’m always here to make everything right though, as I’ve gotten some headache pills and sleep remedy ready so HJ can get a decent night’s sleep for a change, as there is a girl in the next door room on the left who plays her films and music really loud in the small hours which has been disturbing HJ’s sleep, as she’s always been a light sleeper. I would read to her, but she said that watching some television with the headache was bad enough.

Before I forget, went to the university today…

I’ve been offered a place! Yay! So now I too have to study, but it will all be worth it! I’ve got my first lecture on Monday! But, for now, I’m happy nursing HJ back to health. All she needs is a good night’s sleep methinks…


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