NaNoWriMo Update!

You can see all the red on my blog’s NaNo calendar chart thingy…

This is due to the fact that I recently had to get my laptop to the university’s student services, so it can be sent off to be repaired (the wireless card in the harddrive is broken, meaning that it won’t connect to the internet for longer than an hour at the most), not to mention that I had a deadline for an English essay.

It’s safe to say that once again, I have been defeated by NaNoWriMo. Once again, the novel was losing its drive, and was going in a direction that was clished and just goddamn awful. I shall therefore say a sad farewell to the WIP that was No Day But Today (I think a novel where the writer can’t really explain the synopisis in a simple, coherent way should just be stopped.) and start focusing on some other projects (eg. university works!).

I’ll be attempting to work on some more World According to Fred pieces, and try and get friends with toys to join in for photo opportunities and stuff like that. In the meanwhile, I think there may be one tonight, as there’s a party on and I think it would be cool to write about it all from Fred’s perspective. Also, I do want to set up a new blog exclusive to World According to Fred, with a seperate WordPress account and stuff like that. Such larks to be had, especially as one of my lecturers is skeptical that the blog will ever take off, as it is a teddy bear narrator aimed at a YA audience. Yay for experimental writing!

So, to conclude, NaNo has defeated me well and truly, as I write this post in front of a university library computer.


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