The World According to Fred – University!



So sorry I haven’t really written on here for a while! You see, things have been ever so busy since the last post, and I’ve only really just settled in at this place. And now I’m having a flick through some of HJ’s reading list.

Anyways, university is an awful lot of fun! When HJ and all her flatmates are out and about, be it at lectures or out being sociable (HJ’s gotten so much more sociable since moving up here!), me and the others all go out and party! Well, we find other toys on the block (I didn’t think there would be that many of us, but there are!) and go into one of the kitchens where there is guaranteed to be beer and other drinks and snacks, because they often have parties. I’ve nursed a hangover or two, and it has served me right!

It’s so nice to see HJ having fun, I’ve met most of her flatmates during movie nights, where they all cram themselves onto the chairs in the kitchen, wrapped up in blankets and sipping hot chocolate, surrounding a laptop and fumbling around with the volume. We’re watching all the Harry Potter movies at the moment, as one of the girl’s on HJ’s floor has NEVER seen any of them (to be fair, neither have I), so everyone’s been catching her up, although last night they watched a comedy called This is The End, and one of the guys brought his television into the kitchen, which made it a much more wonderful experience! I do love HJ’s new flatmates, except for one of them. This is because I’ve met one of the meanest, annoying toys ever, and he owns him. I never liked the Basil Brush television show when HJ watched it as a girl, but I dislike the fellow in person. He’s just so RUDE! And his annoying laugh gives me a headache. I try to avoid Basil when I can, but I haven’t had much joy as of yet…

I’m considering enrolling myself onto a degree course, as I’ve spotted one of the other bears on this block who is actually studying for a degree, in English Literature, alongside their owner. It does look like hard work, but I think it’ll all be worth it in the end. I shall apply tomorrow morning, and see how it goes!

In the meanwhile, expect more of me! HJ actually is considering giving me a blog of my own rather than making me share hers! I’m rather excited!!!


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