Prep for Post November!

So, I was thinking that it might be a sensible idea to start thinking about what I’ll write about on this blog post NaNoWriMo. It might be nice to do a Christmas Count-Down, see if I can find a festive theme for this blog. 

In all seriousness though, I’m considering a few ideas:

1) Lush Reviews – Where I write about Lush products I’ve started using, and if I like them or not, and rate them out of five stars

2) Book Hauls – I seem to buy so many books at the moment (blame all the awesome bookshops in Bath!), so book hauls and even posts about bookshops I visit like in The Matilda Project’s blog (which I loved!)

3) Tea/Hot Chocolate reviews – If I’m not in Lush, a vintage clothes shop or a bookshop, I’m buying all sorts of lovely hot beverages to curl up with on these cold winter nights.

4) Weekly Catch-Ups – Making sure I post at least once a week, to let you all know I’m alive and kicking

5) Weekly Writing Post – Where I put a piece up that I’m happy not to submit to my degree stuff each week, as well as writing tips/advice

That’s all I have so far! I know I need to start up the feminist stuff again, but I haven’t been up for ranting, just too tired! But, any other ideas you might have I’ll consider!

Thanks again, folks, you’ve been great readers!


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