NaNoWriMo #11, 12, 13, 14

Current Word Count -14996

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a few days. This is because I simply haven’t had the time to write. 

On Tuesday I woke up late, had to go to a lecture and a seminar, then straight out to Bath with my flatmates for the Christmas Lights Switch-On, which was actually rather disappointing. We then went out for Pizza Hut, before going home and sleeping, so I never actually got any scribbling done. Yesterday was the dreaded three hours of lectures that I have every fortnight (how they sort the timetables out at my uni is beyond me!), followed by a mammoth laundry and cleaning session straight afterwards. Today I did a tiny bit of writing, then popped into town for a little while to do some shopping, and then came home and watched television. I did see my mentor today, and she’s given me a load of paperwork to fill out for my upcoming ADHD assessment, as well as a coloured overlay (a piece of coloured transparent plastic that you cover pieces of work with to read through), and I sat and read my critical extracts with it. I’m thrilled, as it’s already really helping me, and I’ve only had it an afternoon! She said that if I show signs that I have the condition where text seems to move about (spaces between words on much smaller, old fashioned prints used in academic writing tend to seem to get bigger, and I can only see certain words or letters if I concentrate) I might get funding to get special tinted glasses made for me so I can wear them rather than fiddling around with the overlay. I’m thrilled at the thought! 

I’ve also got a big essay due on Monday that I haven’t managed to start yet, as I keep getting distracted with NaNo, as well as life in general, so that means I won’t be able to write as much as I have been doing. It sucks, because I haven’t written an academic essay since I was sixteen, so am really worried that I’ll write like a total noob and fail the assignment…

Such fun.

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