NaNoWriMo #10

Current Word Count – 12564

I haven’t hit the green amount of writing two days in a row before! Not bad going, if I say so myself.

Because I’d holed myself up in my kitchen yesterday, I decided that I would go off of campus for the afternoon. I dropped off an application form into the Oxfam Bookshop in town, before deciding to pay a visit to the Roman Baths. I spent two wonderful hours playing at lone tourist, taking photos on my iPhone, and gasping for joy at the natural hot springs. One day I might treat myself to a trip to the spa that the modern folk of Bath go to, using the same natural hot springs (although the water is treated due to health and safety reasons), as my resident’s card gives me a significant discount. I even ‘took the waters’ (it tasted rather strange,very chalky). This was before I huddled into a local Costa and wrote a good 1000 words or so. 

I got back home, and bashed out the words I wrote into the document, before adding another 750 or so. My plans for the chapter completely went pete tong, because Arthur just had to go and get punched by a leech of a guy because he tried to stand up for Scarlett’s honour. But I like the way it turned out in the end. The only thing is, do I fast forward to Saturday night, and the date that Scarlett has invited Arthur to, or do I have Arthur musing about the whole situation prior to it?


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