NaNoWriMo #7

Current Word Count – 8001

Today has been a damned good day for writing! I don’t know how it happened, but it has! Arthur has now gotten himself a job in the local independent bookshop Mr G’s, and also has finally managed to get Scarlett’s number! Results on all sides, I think!

I have tea to thank for this achievement, not to mention my friends giving me a kick up the ass to get on and write! I’m really happy!!! I finished Chapter Five and am almost done with Chapter Six, with Arthur penning a poem about his attraction to Scarlett! I’m actually going to attempt a poem for this, and write it from his perspective! This is when my lecturers get excited, because I’m always complaining that I detest writing poetry, because I do detest writing poetry, and I’m writing one anyway. On a character’s behalf, perhaps, but even so!

Tomorrow I have a day off of lectures and seminars, so I can get some actual university work done, as well as some more of the novel! Saturday will probably be the day I hit double digits, if I don’t hit that tomorrow, which would be fabulous!

I’m one very happy writer!



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