NaNoWriMo #6

Current Word Count = 6295

I’ve done OK today, considering I’ve had a lecture, and have spent the majority of the day running errands in town. It’s not been a great day for the word count, because I’m just too busy during the week. Not to mention that I have an English Literature essay due in two weeks time, so really ought to be looking into annotating the critical extracts I’ve got ready to crack on with it. 

I’ve also got a meeting with my mentor tomorrow, mainly about my potential ADHD assessment. It’s a long story that could earn itself a whole post on its own merit. That’ll be interesting.

On the bright side, I have finished Chapter Four at last, and can start on Chapter Five tomorrow. 

At least tomorrow evening I can sit and get some serious writing done, but tonight I could really do with catching up on some sleep.

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