Time to Get Writing!



It’s getting closer to November, which means that it’s nearly NaNoWriMo! I’ll be taking part with the Bristol Wrimos this year (it’ll be weird not heading into Gunwharf every Sunday to meet up), and this Sunday I’ll be off to my first ever ‘Kick Off’ party! Very exciting!

The only downside to this year’s NaNoWriMo is that I can’t submit any of my work onto dA or here. This is because I want to also use my novel as part of my submissions for university work, and one of the rules is that the work I submit hasn’t been published in any other format, otherwise I would be self-plagiarizing! I know, very sad.

Alas, all is not lost!

I have a short story that I’ve been working on recently that I am happy to upload here once I’ve finished with it, as I don’t think it worthy to submit into my degree material. I think I also submitted a version of it to dA, so it wouldn’t be eligible anyways. I also will be writing a post every day during NaNoWriMo, at about the same time that I update my word count, so that I can charter my progress, especially as one of my wonderful lecturers is following me on Twitter, and has asked me to keep updated about how I’m getting on (hello, if you’re reading this, I love your lectures!). 

I’m also going to try and write more posts about my writing, as I should really start focusing on my soon to be career (if I can be big-headed enough to call it that at this stage!), on top of everything else I do (like lobbying my SU to get rid of The Sun and the ‘lads mags*’as well as getting my stand up off the ground) 

*I prefer the term ‘explicit material’ as these publications needn’t become more sexist than they already are by saying that only ‘lads’ read them, as women read them too, as do men, mostly for the articles and interviews. I’ll blog about this on another post another day methinks.

So, expect more randomly creative posts from me in the future!



3 thoughts on “Time to Get Writing!

    • It’s basically when you use work you’ve already submitted somewhere else, for example, I hand in a poem that I wrote and uploaded to dA, I would actually get caught out by the plagiarizer software they use at my university when marking work!

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