How to Deal with Irritating Flatmates #1

How to Deal with Irritating Flatmates #1

My irritating flatmate has a really irritating habit of leaving his dishes on the draining board after washing them up instead of drying them up, and putting them away like normal people. If there are rogue dishes on the draining board during Inspection, then the cleaners refuse to clean. So I started hiding his dishes in random cupboards, and the Cleaning Fairy was born!


5 thoughts on “How to Deal with Irritating Flatmates #1

      • In all fairness, I often forget to put the clean dishes away after I’ve done the dishes. But I don’t have a flatmate, so it’s not that important. It’s not really laziness though. I had a load of laundry sitting in my laundry machine for over a MONTH. Now that I know I am autistic (with a side order of ADHD), I’m finally learning how to find ways to deal with my lack of executive function. After 36 years of calling myself lazy.

        Maybe you can help your flatmate figure out a better way to tackle issues like that, instead of getting annoyed (although, if he refuses to listen, then go ahead and be annoyed). One thing that really works for me is being more aware of which room I am in at any given moment, and find ONE thing that I spend 5 minutes or less on. I’m not allowed to leave a space until I’ve done something there, no matter how small. Otherwise I get hung up on all the other things that also need doing and then I don’t do anything.

      • I have asked him nicely before, then confronted his behaviour when he started screaming at me for daring to politely ask him to refrain from speaking to me rudely, so now I do get annoyed. I can see where you are coming from though!

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