1st Day Blues

I’m part of the way through my first proper day as a student, which means I actually have to go to things called seminars and lectures! I just thought that I would take some time to catch you all up on what I’ve been up to so far today, in the hope that you can live through me, etc. Man, that sounded odd. But I digress. 

Anyways, I woke up feeling okay about everything. Until I saw the time, swore and franticly pulled clothes on, grabbed my stuff and ran blindly out of the door, as it turned out that I had such a lovely lie-in, that I’d woken up with only 45 minutes before I had to be at the other end of the campus  to attend my Introduction to Scriptwriting seminar. In the end I got there 20 minutes early, so I went over to get some food. After that, I made it to my seminar in one piece. 

We shall be writing a soap opera for this module, so we were paired off to come up with an idea. Me and my classmate came up with the idea of having a soap set in a university, with an Asperger character in a relationship with a NT character. As I have knowledge of both these things, I would happily write scenes involving the character, including classic Aspie things like stimming. I wanted a soap with this character because of the fact that soaps just don’t bother to have Autistic or Aspergers characters in their storylines, choosing instead to have more physical disabilities or mental health issues. I shall start writing it later, after I figure out which soap I’m going to look into as homework for the seminar week after next. 

I then went into lunch, bought some posters at the poster sale to put into my room, had food, then returned to my room to put up my posters and download Celtex for future use. I have one more seminar today, the Exploration of Prose module, hopefully I’ll finally get the reading list which I have been demanding from my tutor since I’ve arrived. If not, I shall probably end up writing a grumpy letter to the course manager, who also happens to be my tutor, as I have tried to explain the DSA issue and reclaiming my book costs with him, but I keep getting fobbed off. Damn it!

Anyways, I’d better end here, it takes a while to poodle up to the other end of campus, and I could do with popping into the SU to get a stapler and staples… 


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