How I Survived Fresher’s Week, Autistic Style!

So, it’s all over!

The monster that is Fresher’s Week is over, and I survived it, practically unscathed! This is a surprise to me, as I thought I would spend most of it hiding under my bed hoping that people wouldn’t wonder where I was! But the main thing is that I’m a proper student, I’ve had my throwing up episode, I’ve slunk off home early due to tiredness. And now, I’m listening to the Tarzan soundtrack, as everything else on iTunes started to mess up, and am still chuckling about my purchase of ‘The Vagina Monologues’, bought partly because of the fact that female genitalia is the main subject of the title, and also because it’s supposed to be one of the best feminist texts ever, and I’ve wanted it for ages. Josh has also mentioned that I get a play he’s studying in Drama, called ‘Doll’s House’, which is very feminist, apparently. Will purchase it soon. 

But I’m rambling. I bet you all are wondering how I survived the week that has just gone by.

Firstly, the early induction set up by the university really helped. This meant I could move into the university halls early, along with a few others, so I didn’t have the issue of having everyone in all at once so I could settle in more comfortably. Then I spent time with a few people from the early induction, played Drink Cheat (the card game but with the addition of shots) and got very poorly, which meant I didn’t drink much for the rest of the week, so no embarrassing scenarios. I made an extra effort to be sociable, even though one of my flatmates (who seems to have very severe Aspergers) is very loud, obnoxious and aggressive. I have tried to be nice, even suggesting he calms down so people can accept him, because he’s nice enough, just very conservative, and homophobic. But he just gets all angry and refuses to listen. So I just avoid him when I can. You can’t be friends with everyone, can you?

I believe one of the best things to invest in are earplugs, to muffle the loud music so it isn’t as painful, so you can dance like everyone else, but not suffer. They did make me feel better. I also now know that a useful word to know it ‘no’. It has variations, like ‘would rather not’ ‘thankyou, but no thankyou’. It meant that if I didn’t want to stay somewhere, then I didn’t have to. Also if people offered me drinks, or to join in drinking games, I would politely turn them down.  

Join societies! That helped, as now I shall have friends who have similar interests as me, so that I can do the things I enjoy, as well as make new friends. I can’t wait to start up!

I just need to organise my room again, do my laundry, hope I get a job soon then all should be great!


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