I’ve Survived!

So, today I have realised that it was a week ago today that I moved up to the hallowed halls of university! It was quite an emotional experience, as Josh and my carer waved me off at the train station, and I travelled up to Bath alone, with several suitcases. Since then I’ve been rather busy with unpacking, rushing to events and generally enjoying myself. I’ve picked all my modules for this academic year, including my complimentary subject (My university makes you take the compulsory module of a separate subject if you’re single honours, to make sure you have a back up plan if you don’t like the degree programme you’ve picked originally, as well as to give you a broader academic experience, one of the reasons I chose this university!). I’ve gotten all the books for the complimentary module, and it’s heavy stuff! Everything from Wordsworth, Ovid and Shakespeare right up to Bronte and Joyce! I even have to read all of Genesis from the King James Bible, which I’m not looking forward to very much, as I’m very much Pagan and proud! I haven’t had my reading list for my Creative Writing modules yet, though, although I’ve bought the compulsory book for Writer’s Workshop 1. Hopefully today in our first proper lecture that we’ll be told or given the books we’ll be studying.

Tonight I’ll be off to the Cabaret Night, which I am really looking forward to! I’ve joined the Comedy Society, The Idle Playthings, so really ought to start figuring out some material in case there is a performance coming up soon that I might perform at. Perhaps they’ll help me learn how stand up works! I’ve always wanted to be a comedian, ever since I watched Miranda Hart on her sitcom. I would love to be in a sitcom myself, and apparently the SpaLife media society need writers to get a comedy series going, so that well could be another project to get into.

I’ve spent my days organising my things and rushing off to the shops, as well as going to university stuff, and my nights have involved parties and drinking games (will never touch gin ever again!). Last night was the Wild West themed party, so I wore my red vintage ballgown with fishnet tights and heels, which made a convincing saloon girl. I got complimented a lot, which was pretty damn cool. Now I’ve got to figure out Friday’s outfit, which is pirate themed. As I did so well with the western theme, I don’t want to look rubbish with this one, so will have to dig through my clothes to see what I can find (don’t want to spend too much of my loan/grant as that needs to pay the rent for this term).

It’s been great so far, despite a rather loud obnoxious, conservatively homophobic housemate who seems intent on humiliating me at every turn, and the fact that the weather swings like the moods of a fourteen year old school girl. I can’t wait for what else university has in store for me!


One thought on “I’ve Survived!

  1. feministaspie says:

    So glad you’re having a good time! I was in your shoes this time last year, and uni has probably been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Looking forward to hearing about it! 🙂

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